Hangin’ with the Boys: No News Is … | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: No News Is … | Dallas Cowboys 2019

… Driving us all crazy. The boys close out the decade with a bang as they get into a heated debate about the team’s anticipated coaching decision. Could Jason Garrett really be back? Some of the signs point to … maybe?

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Aylin Mujica


Eliu Serrano



Is Garret gone yet? ✭

    Lee Braddock

    T3MPL3TillIdie no, I don’t think he’s going!


    Lee Braddock are you serious? 🤦🏾‍♂️ we need another coach 💯

    Lee Braddock

    T3MPL3TillIdie yes I’m serious, look at the browns, 5 coaches in 7 years, anything changed? Tennessee volunteers changed coaches multiple times in last few years, anything changed?


    Lee Braddock Dallas keeps the same coach 10 years, anything change?

Lee Braddock

If it were the relationship, jerry would have told him weeks ago “love ya but this is business”


Maybe Jerry will stop running this organization like the indulgent child that he is when the fan base begins to deteriorate. I have been a fan since the 70’s, but if the coach has no respect for the legacy, why should I maintain respect for the team?

    Willie Kemp


Brian Waller

Jason Garrett isn’t going anywhere. He’ll get a 2-4 year extension, new coordinators. But this is like you having a punctured tire instead of fixing it, you keep putting air into it thinking it will fix itself

Rhythm Styx

He shoulda stood tall on the sideline with “W’s”

Derrick Harris

I’ve said from the beginning that they’re going to keep Jason Garrett and give him another staff entirely. New offensive coordinator and defensive coordinators to improve on what the players need most. This will be the beginning of the end. Watch and see…

Dallas The Great

Dammit let him go this dude not a head coach

Dallas The Great

Nate is one real person

    Willie Kemp


Clint Redmon


Dallas The Great

Shannon you better be wrong and Jessie you better be right I can’t take the Jason Garrett bs anymore dammit the fans deserve to win

Kris _____

It doesn’t make sense to let the man say goodbye for going on 4 days and have 3 meetings just “out of respect” that makes 0% sense.


If Garrett stays in ANY capacity, I’m selling my seat licenses and season tickets. I may even stop watching the games.


    You not a real fan cuz 😂. I’m not going no were. Don’t care who the coach is.

    Kill Jason Garrett

    KingdomHeartsFan3211 well cuz, then you’re delusional. Enjoy the flying circus that is the Dallas CLOWNboys. If Garrett stays a lot of fans will probably jump ship. We don’t deserve this bullshit.


Cowboys: Resigns Garret

Jesse: Aight imma head out


I just saw Jesses hat bro. Dem hotboys hat 😂😂😂😂they wasn’t too hot this season.

bernie lee

He’s bringing him back. Wouldn’t have taken him this long if he was letting him go…


    Patience is a virtue

Jason DOE

the ending was great


If I were Jerry as soon as the game was over I would have went up to him and said “Son, I gave you everything you ever needed for the past 10 years and the one thing I ever asked for, you couldn’t deliver. I put good talent in your hands and paid good money for it too. Say your goodbyes when we get back and don’t be late for supper.” Hahahahaha Maaaaan I hope we all get what we were asking for and get rid of the bum. He’s a good person blah blah blah but this is a business and he’s BAD for business. Jerry’s spent some very good money to be mediocre and I know fans have spent good money to show up to games just to get that L. You’re the GD Dallas Cowboys, it’s time my boys start playing like it. GET RID OF GARRETT.

M DeBehnke

Bring back broaddus

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