Hangin’ with the Boys: How Good Is Aaron Donald? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
De Von

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Brant Ransom

Hatcher said the same thing. Garrett is reaping what he sewed. Always remember, whatever you put out in the universe, it’ll come back.


Please use jason witten and a fullback or RB to help combat aaron of the rams

    Jay Jones

    How is a TE gonna help block a DT?


    With the help of the fullback and both in the backfield.


    It’s kind of a wishbone look one formation the other is like a power set.


    It can be done.


I know this much on offense we better block, and on defense we better tackle period. And if we don’t do these things boy are we in trouble. If not 44 to 10 RAMs.


Put Witten in the backfield at times when you want one on one with a lineman, because if any other d- lineman come through you have Witten and the runningback to defend Daks passing or Zeke’s running and if you double Aaron


Nate Newton and Jesse Holley are something else lmao 😂.


I got no faith right now in this team.


Shout out to Nate Newton the only one who actually cares!!!!

PortcityCowboy 85

We need to run out of the I formation with a fullback in front of Zeke

    Mark V

    PortcityCowboy 85 yeah right Olawale can’t. Even catch a screen pass & hardly ever plays🤷‍♂️


These 3 right here need to do another podcast. Non-sports. Just talk about whatever the whole show and I’ll listen.

Kevin Walter Smith

Nate Newton starting at 48:30 talking about Dak’s finger is the funniest soundbite of the season.. hands down!! LOL! He even went with the Hulk Hogan “Let Me Tell You Something Brother” . Then how he got Jesse hyped up… ohh man… best show on the network. LOL!!!

1) Hangin with The Boys
2) Players Lounge
3) Talkin Cowboys w/Everson Walls

    Jay Jones

    I miss Brian Broaddus ripping them.


Check Pro FB Focus on Dak’s accuracy.

Carlos Reado

This show is nothing but the truth, I love it.


Best show on the cowboys platform by far.

Ryu Ninja

The crew from this show have great chemistry and they compliment each other well. Great job fellas. Appreciate you guys keeping it real.

Gregory Williams

The problem is the coaches think the team is good enough to lineup and play smash mouth football!!! I believe in our players and the reason the defense is trying to do their own thing thye have no confidence in the coaches

Kinto \》

When will our new coach Urban Meyer start his new job ?

paul rawdawg

Jessie is basically saying Jason Garrett sabotaged the Offense to get Wade fired .. wow


Nate and shannon what y’all think of my idea?

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