Hangin’ with the Boys: Hanging With Omar Epps | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: Hanging With Omar Epps | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Was the dominating win over Rams the outlier or have they found their identity? The great Omar Epps joins the boys for the full show to talk about the teamโ€™s big win!

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Prince Akpan

Dallas Cowboys Great Job Beating The Los Angeles Rams From Yesterday!โค


Hopefully the Cowboys got the “Juice” now

    Henry Hill


    fannydg kingdgf1

    Please get jessie off this show, the show is a big let down ….just hire omar for jessie spot


    fannydg kingdgf1 yโ€™all hate outspoken black men

    Calvin R. Johnson Jr.

    Did you just used a 90s reference from a cult classic? Riot!!!! Lmao


    @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. hell yeah man, had to do it with Omar Epps in the building bro!

TexasTea 346

This was a good episode. Shout out to Omar Epps.


I wanna know why the first 3 weeks Kellen Moore looked like the wonder kid we hoped he would be, then right after that suddenly it looked like Scott Linehan was back.

    Stonehall Studios

    Simple. They put a heavy emphasis on running on first downs even if it wasnt working and then they got pass happy in red zone, couple that with being too trusting of a bad kicker from all distances

Theressa Kimbrough

Love Omar Epps!!!!

Allen B.

Great show! Mr. Epps. On the show. So cool.!

Jermetta Washington

I see why he is negative. He has never seen a deep run on the team.

    Will Perry

    Biggest key to a deep run is a better defense..That’s how Tom Brady started his run(great defense)..Ben Roethlisberger(great defense), Russell Wilson(great defense)..All these winning QBs had great defenses..Playoff success is very dependent on how stout your defense is…

    Will Perry

    After watching Antwaun Woods..Their first pick in the draft should be DT…

PortcityCowboy 85

We built to play with a lead and keep the lead

Will Perry

Next draft to improve defense…
1st round Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina
2nd round Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri or Hunter Bryant/Jared Pinkney/ect…
3rd round Brandon Jones Safety Texas

But, whoever they pick, 1st round pick should be DT, next 2 picks safety and tight end…(top 3 picks)…


    Brandon will be off the Board Quik!. As a Die Hard Longhorn I would love that pick but I don’t see it.

    Will Perry

    @Jurado Yeah there are A LOT of quality safeties available..any of them would come in and upgrade the secondary..Even if Jones is gone there are a lot of big play safeties..They need to grab one…

Henry Hill

Epps should do this show everyday .


Omar looked like coach Mike Tomlin back then ๐Ÿ˜„

Daniel Allman

I’ve been saying we need some more man power in the middle of the D line. We need some big dudes in there to plug up the holes

allday long

Omar or Mike Tomlin?


Omar Epps is a legend. Great show as usual

John W. Pickett

I know we won but they still scored 14 more points after our lead was dominating. I want to see 60 minutes of domination. Been a fan too long for this to come to an end again. Jesse’s right and hes just telling it like it is. Now let’s take this domination and show philly what football really means. Great show boys as always.

lasay inchrist


Big Country

What I saw was a Team that has a chance to beat the Ravens in the Superbowl.

C Jackson

“A lion can’t kill if it is caged” ! I like that!

Charles Blount

Jesse needs to get back from outer space.ย  Start dealing in reality.

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