Hall of Fame Running Back Thurman Thomas sits down with Frank Gore – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Steve Shubbuck

This what two GOATs look like

John Doe

Gore probably won’t go into the Hall as a Bill but the Bills will always remember him. Gore needs a ring this year !!!! Go Bills !!!

Zao Medong

two really bad men

    BloodyLegend 716


    BloodyLegend 716



Freddie should have sat with them!!

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

Thurman Thomas was a contender

caleb bennett

I can’t think of a better mentor for Devin singletary than Frank Gore. So glad we got him Go Bills.

Nick -


jeffrey S

Titts and the drive inn…

Chris Delagarza

I remember when Frank Gore came into the league. Played with the 49ers. He was a beast I’m glad we got him on our team, but he is old. Hopefully he can claim most NFL rush yards as a BILL..

L.J. Wolf

Wish this was three hours! Thank you

DP Urlacher

If gore is not a HOFer, the nfl is rigged against the bills


Thurman is my all time favorite FOREVER!!! Love having Frank & Devin in Buffalo!!! GO BILLS!!!!


This is a legendary interview never take this down

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