Grady Jarrett and his mom mic’d up | Pro Bowl 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Grady Jarrett and his mom mic’d up | Pro Bowl 2020

We mic'd up Grady Jarrett and his mom Elisha Jarrett as Grady takes the field for his first Pro Bowl. Watch Grady in the action, and hear from a proud mama as the best of the NFC takes on the best of the AFC.

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saladisbad deal with it

I’m saying it right now. Julio is so much better than Micheal thomas

    David Maddox

    I agree but not so much better

    saladisbad deal with it

    @David Maddox he kinda is a lot better because hes faster stronger and has like the same hands. If julio had brees throwing to him he would probably have 2k yards. And if you look at the plays Julio makes it’s no question

    David Maddox

    Yes I agree but I’m just saying Michael Thomas is 1 of the best

    saladisbad deal with it

    @David Maddox ik

    cornell foster

    He has to work to hard with Matt Ryan.He always have to adjust to Ryan throws never hit the man in stride that’s why jones dont get a lot of tds.He make great catches can u imagine his with a mobile who can move a little bit not a mike vick but anybody that can move Aron Rogers get the hell on when needed.Who ever.For Matt Ryan money u have to be able to extend plays make something happen.When he do it hurt to look at it.I expect more from my QB making that kind of money. U cant sit back and wait for everything to be perfect for no them has a perfect O Line.The days of pocket passers are over u have to be able to do both.

Yuno Who

Grady should be an 88 ovr In madden

    King_aj yt

    And Matt should have x factor

    Dewayne duffy


    Ernest Brown2

    You can change it

    Yuno Who

    @Ernest Brown2 I know but I mean for normal franchise

    Yuno Who

    @SlidesXXVI ur not being realistic

Jaai Fromatl

You can tell he from east side even doe congers ain’t da east side he got the lingo

Fan Person

mama jarrett for president 2020

Anthony Wright

Once we draft another dog at the d-tackle position to play next to Grady Jarrett this team is going to have a party at quarterbacks.The Falcons will be drafting a DE in the 1st round and a DT in the 2nd round. They will also resign OLB Vic Beasley, DT Tyeler Davidson and DE Adrian Clayborn. Again with all of these dogs there will be steady parties meeting at quarterbacks.

Heath Muncy

Matt ryan should be in pro bowl

Preston Flowers


    Dandre Johnson

    Preston Flowers now he’ll be too busy preparing for the Super Bowl


I wonder do Jesse tuggle so up to his games

Montavious Hill

His moma is dope💯 THE falcon should hire her to the coaching roster. She is cute to

King_aj yt

Why Julio not there

    Reddit Princess

    He didnt want to go

bully bully

Bucaneers mascot almost got slapped 😂😂😂

Ernest Brown2

5th round pick turned into a beast

Albert Maddox

Grady jarrett best dt in nfl

Mitch Niedert

The bucs mascot lmaooo

Jorge Gonzalez

Gotta love #97 aka big Grady!!!

Batman 636

Moms can get the business !!!

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