“Go Into the Playoffs Strong” | Bills Prepare for Steelers on Sunday Night Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Robert D'Amico

Let’s Go!!! We back!! 716 #BillsMafia

Buffalo Fan716

Please win Sunday don’t screw this up. And please win a playoff game or 2

    Bobby Gray


    Buffalo Fan716

    @Bobby Gray I could only dream. Bills winning out going 12-4. Winning their Wildcard game VS Tennessee Titans getting their revenge 20 years later after they were robbed. Upsetting the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional round. Then eliminating the New England Patriots in the Conference Championship game. Then winning the Super Bowl in the Miami Dolphins own stadium that would be amazing!!!!

Todd C

Give’R Buffalo! You can do it!!!

Patty Nielsen

Buffalo Bills team…always gracious to their opponents.

Erin Freize

Guarantee your rightful place in the playoffs, and beat your wildcard rival on the road. No moral victories, just get that W!

Elliot Eisler

Great thumbnail 😂👀😬


Just had a nightmare, the Bills lose the next 2, then the Jets beat them has a payback when the Bills knocked them out of the playoffs. This might happen for real!

    God Emperor Pepe

    Don’t put it out there.


    @God Emperor Pepe If a team cannot take care of business at their own house, they should not make the playoffs. The Bills had their shot last week and blew it. The Steelers will take of business this week and get in.

    God Emperor Pepe

    wyomingtrout Dont get ahead of yourself. Although that’s true. Don’t forget about the Thanksgiving game in Dallas.

God Emperor Pepe

We won’t be guaranteed a playoff spot until we win at least one more. Stay hungry and humble.

Thomas Szurczynski

Just win baby!!

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