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michael dillard

You will have money for free agents, get Tyree Hill and Michael Thomas, draft the big receiver from Colorado, first round


    Laviska is overrated by far. Great athlete but not a great wr. Gb needs a route runner, thats a must. Give me reagor, aiyuk, or tyler johnson over viska every day

    Chad The progressive libertarian

    AJ Green is and I’d love to see him in a packer uniform. He’s a restricted free agent and would be a hard pickup but we need a receiver that’s ready to go . We don’t have enough time to develop a rookie unless there like a metcalf.

    A L

    We wouldn’t have money for Tyreek Hill and Michael Thomas, neither of whom are free agents. Come on, man.

    Erik Berg

    Lee86 It’s hard to pinpoint guys we’re going to be able to grab at receiver with the pick we have. I think we’re the first team that will be on the drop off of this upcoming receiver group. Hamler and Reagor are the two that I’m hearing most unless we move up like 10 picks for Higgins.

    King Ky96

    No, it makes since to get Robby Anderson in free agency n get a inside LB in the first round

Mgtow Farmer

How about getting a restructure from Rodgers….. Hmmm

    Tim Packard

    They just restructured his contract last month

    Rodney Martin

    that’s the details, no matter what people think of him…win or lose that contract says get use to it, even with a restructured deal😐


A premium inside linebacker would be tight

Dj Diddles

Need some run stoppers, a reciever and reliable tight end. Pick up the receivers and tight end in the draft or gree agents. We need weapons for Rodgers to make big plays and get him a couple more rings.

    King Ky96

    @Kristian Nivar we couldn’t get Robbie Anderson because of the absurd deal the jets wanted for him

    Nameless Assassin

    Kiristo 3rd round

    Dj Diddles

    @Kristian Nivar we should have gotten Samuel’s because we would have beaten the niners with him. Hopefully this off season we actually pick up some guys we actually need. The Smith bros and Amos were must needs and they’ve helped out tramendously. Now it’s time to get some offensive weapons for Rodgers and maybe a lineman that knows how to block .

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

im glad he still scouts himself


Get rid of all the receivers besides Adams. They are straight trash

    King Ky96

    LIZARD TRASH , ST BROWN TRASH? You smoking dope


    Lazard did pretty well. He shouldn’t be our #2, but if he plays as well as he did this year, let alone gets better, he’d be a fine #3. Geronimo and MVS were hugely disappointing this season though.


    @King Ky96 STRAIGHT TRASH 🗑️

Timothy Kenyon

49ers game plan was beat our defense by knowing pre snap what the defense was going to be. Need to disguise up our initial starting look

    Kristian Nivar

    we need bigger bodies on defense ,more rotation on the defensive line, too give up 285 yards rushing on the ground is a np no smh

Jamie Nolastname

I trust Gute!!!

    Tony Parrales

    I really hope ur right…hope he makes great moves like last year!💛💚


Cut unproductive players, load up on young talent, should of let the rookie TE play more earlier in the season.

    Vincent Nash

    He was injured most of the year.

JaE MossBerG

why do people always want to rush players , let gary grow and stop rushing things

Timothy Kenyon

I know any season that ends without a ring is a disappointment overall, but as a die never Packer fan, I was impressed with the improvements all across the board and every level, on up to the top.

John Johnson

Pretty confident the “game plan” for free agents and the draft is to GET RUN STOPPERS. Go Pack.

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