Giants Mock Draft Tracker 4.0: Latest Expert Predictions & Analysis | 2020 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants Mock Draft Tracker 4.0: Latest Expert Predictions & Analysis | 2020 NFL Draft

Lance Medow and Jeff Feagles break down the latest Giants mock draft. The media has Big Blue selecting OLB Clemson Isaiah Simmons, OT Louisville Mekhi Becton, OT Jedrick Wills Alabama, CB Ohio State Jeff Okudah, and WR Alabama Jerry Jeudy.

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BW 12

I hope they trade down
maybe with the dolphins to get two first round picks

    Joseph Torres

    Yeah 2 picks better than one

    Joseph Torres

    The only bad thing bout that is we won’t get Simmons

    The Hot Nickels

    Joseph Torres A lot of mocks have Simmons falling to 12…..but who knows

    LA 99

    It would be amazing, but they will not trade a #18 or #24 just to jump from 5 to 4, more likely a 2 round pick

The Hot Nickels

What IF we trade back and get 2 OT!


    @The Hot Nickels From a financial perspective, Soldier can’t be released. His contract would result in a lot of “dead cap” money that couldn’t be used on other players.

    The Hot Nickels

    njgrplr2007 how much dead cap?

    The Hot Nickels

    njgrplr2007 we could also use him a icing on the cake in a trade too


    @The Hot Nickels $13 million!


    @The Hot Nickels As you can see, that would be some expensive icing for a trade partner to swallow, especially when you consider Soldier hasn’t played that well at LT. Best option is probably to move him to RT.

The Hot Nickels

GUYS! FELLAS!!? What about your opinions?? We wanna hear it all.


DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE!!! It’s a helpless feeling when you have the lead in the forth and the mediocre opposing offense poses a threat or takes the game you were pretty much dominating. I’d really like to see this defense improve significantly and also get DJ8 protection on the O line.

    Jeffrey Abbey


jason hawkins

For the love of God don’t draft any offensive lineman in the first round. Draft Judy or lamb than pick the center out of Wisconsin in the 2nd round. Than draft defense players with the rest of the picks. We have free agents
$$ so go sign 2 top O linemen give Jones WEAPONS.

    Scooter Ball

    We need defense of o-line

    Rawlee W

    Picking a receiver 4 is STUPID

    Bill Nowottny

    I agree with you Jason that we need a WR1. If I were GM id trade down from the 4 spot to acquire extra picks and would likely target Lamb or Jeudy with my first Pick (IF I can move down). I would use my other picks for OT, Center, or Edge rusher. I would target Conklin hard in free agency.

    Bill Nowottny

    @Rawlee W picking any player besides chase young at 4 is stupid. Trade down.

    Rawlee W

    @Bill Nowottny if it’s not trading out of the top 10 sure. And if it is the only trade that makes sense is with Oak for both their first rounders. As for taking a receiver with any first round picks hell no. Receivers are just as easily found in rounds 2-3 then they are in round 1.

Ian Lev

this pick is getting traded

Patrick Sullivan

You guys work for the Giants so I’m sure you could just go into Gettleman’s office and ask him who he wants

    Stoke Brokers

    Trade down a spot or two and take Becton!!!! DJ can’t be taking hits, and saquon needs lanes instead of having to make them himself eveeeerry game (please don’t be like the lions when they had Barry…) solder needs to restructure that contract and move to the right side……

Scooter Ball

I really want Isaiah Simmons

    Bot Snowman



    For the Giants, the defense has been the biggest problem and the biggest problem with the D is it’s inability to cover passes to the TE or screens to the RB. There is no doubt that Simmons would immediately address that problem and help the Giants D get off the field on 3rd down. That said, if the Giants believe they can take a blue chip, experienced LT with the 4th pick, they should probably take him to maximize their investment in Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. It would also help the D if the Giants could run the ball more, increase their time of possession, and keep the core of our defense fresher. If the Giants don’t see a blue chip LT who is worthy of the 4th overall pick, they should either take Simmons at 4 or trade back and take the best OL available.


At 4 my dream is that Washington goes and does what they do best, something stupid and skip on Chase Young and Detroit trades away to a QB needy team, but since my dream won’t come true, I want to see the Giants take Isaiah Simmons. If they don’t take Simmons, then OT all the way, either one of those guys I would be happy with. I am a huge Bama fan and love Jerry Jeudy, but we don’t need a WR nearly as much as we need Def and OL.

Bot Snowman

We don’t need o line we need dfence and if in need get a o line

    awand piro

    Bot Snowman “wE dOnT nEeD OLiNe” yeah and when DJ starts getting sacked every fucking play, and Saquan is getting stopped behind the line of scrimmage you’ll wish you had a O line stupid fucker

Rawlee W

The fact that an “expert” has a receiver going at 4🤦🤦🤦 STUPID


Linebacker or OLine in the first round unless Dolphins trade two of their first rounders to move up then take Simmons and whichever Oline is prefered


“Get a WR (with the 4th overall pick!) to work with Daniel Jones for the future?” Jones won’t have a future unless he has an offensive line that can protect him. If we keep the 4th pick, we should use it on a big and athletic guy who has proven himself at the Left Tackle position. Don’t get us another player who is projected to play LT. Get us a blue chip, can’t miss LT. If that’s not in the cards, either take an impact player for the defense or trade back and take the best offensive lineman on the board.

    awand piro

    njgrplr2007 agree!! Well said my boy

Duron Arnold

Defense needs to be the first pick, whether it’s Okudah or Simmons. Chase Young won’t fall to 4 so I’m not gonna even mention him. Go OT or OC in the second

joseph wisniewski

just remember boys and girls , No O line No O

Stephanie Gomes

Either Isaiah Simmons or Jedrick Wills would be awesome! No WR at 4 pls. 🙏🏻🤞🏻

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