Giants Life: Blueprint | Judgment Day | All-Access Look at Joe Judge’s Arrival – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants Life: Blueprint | Judgment Day | All-Access Look at Joe Judge’s Arrival

In the Premiere episode of “Giants Life: Blueprint” we follow Giants head coach Joe Judge’s journey from Foxborough to East Rutherford, as he gets ready to take the reins at the Giants facility. Then it’s on to Mobile, Alabama for a behind the scenes look with Giants personnel and scouting, as they evaluate the next generation of players at the Senior Bowl. "Giants Life: Blueprint" is presented by Van Heusen.

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Angel Cotto

day 1 of commenting until i get a heart comment

    Chidozie Osuji


    Jermaine Harley


    Angel Cotto

    Jermaine Harley mission accomplished 😭

Matt Eglow



I love this kinda connection with the fan base

NYG Central

This is dope

YA MAN 61959



A dynasty rebirth lets go big blue


“Judgement Day”.. I love that.

“We’ll be back..”

Excited for next season. Let’s Go Big 🔵


More of this and more Joe Judge


I’m ready for the season already!

    uncle freddie

    c’mon free agency and the draft!
    can’t wait!

Tim Smith

I hope we draft Simmons 🙏

    Jeffrey Abbey

    Yes sirrr. If not him. Okudah

    Any defender!

    Lowkeybronhater 23

    But then when our o line is terrible next year what y’all goin be saying???? 1 player isn’t gonna fix our defense

    David Riedy

    I want OL first and foremost. Simmons wouldn’t be bad though.

    Jason Clarke

    Tim Smith meet too or chase young

Theodore Ritter

So pumped about this new culture. And culture is everything. Pushing for ya Joe!

Jeter R

Dave is drooling over that Kentucky OL 😂


    Right 😂


just imagine him going out to shake bellichicks hands after the super bowl oh man


    A lot of things have to go right for that to happen. Chiefs may be a dominant force in the AFC and Brady still has to come back to the Pats.

Jeremy Griffin

I love during the senior bowl after the scene of watching Jalen Hurts, Gettleman is like “ for a million reason, Daniel is the right guy”. Danny Dimes is my QB

    michael _2xx

    I can’t believe he diss Jalen hurts like that.😂😂


    Another idiot calling someone unproven Danny dimes. Enjoy last place again

    michael _2xx

    @NaghaviSystem Why you here?😂

    Caleb Amon

    NaghaviSystem bruh it’s just a nickname why are you hurt😂😂

    Jay Heo

    @NaghaviSystem damn a nickname offended you that hard?

Craig Brock26

The Judge, The Jury, The Executioner

dee nice


Swedish Viking

Hope the rebuild begins with a smash mouth defense like we’re used to in NY, hard to watch that D the last few years.

    Sixth Street

    Outside one year, they’ve been bad since 2010!!

Jeffrey Abbey

Alot of media hype

Pat Shurmur and Ben Mcadoo never got any of this hype/intro/media segment

Very interesting

Erik the Blue

From what I can see, the Giants are winning in the offseason already with the coaching staff. This year, Mr. Mara, Mr. Tisch, and Mr. Gettleman aren’t leaving things to chance. They’re paying close attention to the little things and it shows. I personally think that 2019 could’ve gone either way, but I see a better staff in 2020 and a base team of talented sophomores players who have already put the East on notice last season. Ximenez, Slayton, Lawrence, Conner, and Jones all got off to a great start. I also believe they may have influenced the decisions of new hires because those guys learned to adapt to the speed of the game at an impossible level to excel against the best.

Creative Independence

I am already liking him more than Shurmur. The way he talks has more power than Shurmur. I feel he has more energy and feel like he has more leadership skills. I think the players will vibe and click with him better too. Guess we will see, hope it works and we can start winning again.

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