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Benjamin Harvey

This guy is starting to grow on me


    LOL. He’s been a position coach, never even a coordinator. Good luck Giants. Can he run an entire organization of rich spoiled athletes of 2020, and can he run exceptional game day tactics and strategy?


    @Louis Castellitto Lets see if a Vince Lombardi style speech translates to game day excellence…..he’s stepping up 2 entire levels of a professional FB coach.

    Lucas Martinez

    I already like him. He’s perfect for this very young Giants team that’s ready to be molded and whipped into shape. It’s also been lacking leadership for a while and Judge can right away provide that and get the most out of them.

    A A

    Grow on you? You know nothing about him. There’s no reason to not like him. And there’s no reason to like him either. You can make an assessment of him in a few seasons.

    Louis Castellitto

    @Lucas Martinez I see a lot of negative responses. Probably a lot of trolls from other teams anyway my glass is half-full drawing to a great organization and soon to dominate the NFC East for years the car last night suck on that Cowboys and Eagles

Robert Ciocan

He looks serious, he is now the coach of our team so let’s give him a chance and root for him!

    Wesley Tidwell

    @David Berry Yes Sir!!!!!!!


    Serious ,dedicated and really excited. A great combination, if you ask me.

    George Gomez

    Winning the presser doesn’t always translate into success my friend….

    Josef Baumann

    @Soul 70’s Mike why? Wasn’t Americans and football supposed to be “hard” or “tough”?


    @Soul 70’s Mike – 9 wins? LOL, not with that defense. They need a lot of work.


Go back and watch just 5 seconds of Shurmur’s intro presser. I’ve never seen such stark contrasts in my entire life

    Aquarius Air Bound A.A.B

    Yeah pat look dead 😄 Joe reminisced me of Tom Coughlin

    Josef Baumann

    Shurmur is what America has become and Judge what is used to be and suppose to be.

    frank irwin

    yoowuzgud that’s what confidence will do for you

    Kevin Kennedy

    I’m a 49ers fan. You guys want to see a disaster of a press conference? Go watch when Tomsula was revealed to us back in 2015. I haven’t seen the Shurmur or MacAoo intros but pretty sure Tomsula would make them look like the next Walsh, Parcells, or Belichick in comparison.


Judgment day


    Ooooooh I like this. Gonna use it prior to kick off 🤘🏼

    Bill Russo



I want to run through a wall for this guy. I’m loving this hire so far.


    @rotatingcats Your name is rotatingcats, your not very bright

    Ian Jones

    @TAPKING13 lol and what did he do but choke in the superbowl? Ron isn’t bad but he isn’t good either. Redskins are in worse shape than the Giants. Only real positive thing I can say about Ron is now Haskins has hope to turn i to a good qb. But That’s literally it. Still got a terrible franchise owner who always fucks over the team and coach.

    Isaiah Ling

    TAPKING13 I hope you know that no one considers y’all a relevant franchise…

    Rick Kasten

    Exactly what I feel. Exactly.


    @TAPKING13 uh huh. By the way its *you’re. You just confirmed you are indeed not very bright. Do us a favor and come back when DC actually does something. Until then we have no time talking with a circus of clowns like the Redskins, and their fans.

Marcos Nunes

This guy could be the Coach that we waiting for.

Let’s Go BIG BLUE!

Big Blue Squad

3 words to describe him

    Amazing Guy

    @Baraa Elhariry Yeah

    Jonathan Quinones


    Black Male 1st Media

    And he sucks

    Truth Hurts

    “I feel like a real cowboy! Yippi Ki Yay!”

    Dylan Dylan

    God damn word brotha

Tim Jones

This dude is old school. I like it. Another Judge in NY!


    A young Tom Coughlin

    Elijah Mitchell

    w777lves stole the words from my brain


    @Elijah Mitchell:)))

Brian Zackery

Didn’t know much about this Guy but after listening to him speak he got me wanting to suit up and play wish he the best lets gooo Giants!!!

    Steph Michelle

    Right!! Im ready for next season already damnn coach. Keep that energy!!


    Absolutely… This guys sounds well spoken, and ready to win.

    Wesley Tidwell

    @brother xela Yes Sir!!!!!

    Walter Jeffreys

    damn right, me too brother

BluuGiant Miller

I LIKE HIM ! He is gonna be great for the GIANTS !


    We shall see

    Dan Ski

    Vincent Cuttolo The product that has been on the field the past two years has been a pathetic display directly due to a sad sack of a “leader”.

    This guy immediately ENERGIZES the building – and he has certainly energized this youtube thread!

    Blayne Schaaf

    🤣🤣🤣 yall hell 6-10 at best he wil be gone year 2

    Vincent Cuttolo

    @Dan Ski
    He comes across _very_ well. But that is no guarantee of anything. Was Shurmur a disaster? Yes. But everyone thought he couldn’t be worse than McAdoo. How did that one turn out?


    @Blayne Schaaf probably


That press conference was impressive! Hope it carries over into the field

Jeffrey Rose

I’m watching this… then thought, remember what Adam Gase looked like during his press conference.. and I’m ok with this guy.. good luck Judge

    Kevin Kennedy

    Go check out the press conference from when my 49era introduced Tomsula back in 2015. It’s been five years and I love Shanahan, but it’s still laughably hard to watch. To think the owner and FO thought he was capable of leading a team. The cringe was real.

Brendin Z

Put a sticker on me, I’m sold.


    I’ll knock your Goddamn teeth out.

    Emanz 24

    @JumpSpeed oh


    @Emanz 24 I am the reckoning. I am the 3rd revelation. My vengeance will echo like the crashing of a thousand waves. My rage is untethered and knows no bounds.

James Abare

as a teacher myself, I love his teaching philosophy and reference


    does it translate to guys making 20 million dollars per year?


    @Arturo yes, when you treat them like professionals. Theres a reason he said “work” so many times.

Rolf Wolffenbüttel

If this dude tell me to hit a wall with my shoulders cuz is important to the team, I am doing it

Life Jacked

Is it just me or does he seem to demand your attention more then most

    Steven James

    Totally.. without your permission.


    Bc he talks with aggression not no BS

    Life Jacked

    I’m digging this guy. I hope it translates to a new winning attitude for the Giants.

    D Ray

    Exactly 😂


    Being demanding as a coach can definitely be a good thing, especially if he holds on to his notion that everyone, himself included, will be held to the same, highest possible standard. There are way too many coaches out there who’re coming up with excuses instead of taking their fair share of the blame, because think they’re above everyone else just because of their position.

Rated R

I see why they hired him he got me thinking about giants in the superbowl the way he answered the questions

    Dirty Dan

    Rated R deadasss this team bouta turn around real quick the o is already there the d needs some work but he sounds like he’s bouta make a BIG SWITCH

Frank Sejas

He sounds like he’s all business

    frank irwin

    Frank Sejas he sounds like a politician, I’ll give him a chance, but we’ll see what he’s about come September for

    troy evans

    @frank irwin EXACTLY he got a life after football!!!! C.E.O

Eric Oregon

“The time is now, and that’s the only time that’s relevant to me” love that!

    Bamz Santana

    Eric Oregon 💯

    Blayne Schaaf

    🤣🤣🤣 6-10 at best

Joskey O

He seems like he is a leader of men. As long as he hires the right coaches and does not alienate players, he will be Ok.

    Soul 70's Mike

    Joskey O Best comment I read


    Exactly what he needs to do. The most successful people are surrounded by the best in their feild. His hires will determine the team’s success.

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