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Game Preview w/ Fox Sports’ Nick Wright | Chiefs vs. Texans

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel caught up with Kansas City native and current Fox Sports' host Nick Wright to get his thoughts on Sunday's AFC Divisional Round matchup between the Chiefs and Texans. #HOUvsKC

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Rashad TTG

Finally got my boy NICK RIGHT on here!!!

samson gersing

CHIEFS kingdom, Nick Wright is awesome. Seems to be, (& Shannon Sharp) only 1 give K.C. props!

Sean S.

I actually agree with Nick in most things he talks about and it’s no secret he boasts about the Chiefs whenever possible. So that’s why I watch him as well. I’m not nervous for this game. I believe we should’ve won the 1st game we played against them this year because the refs took away a TD on a phantom holding call on Kelce, when looking at the replay, he didn’t do anything of the sort. I say we win 30-20. #ChiefsKingdom


Nick Wright Legend

Andrew Sundberg


Andrew Sundberg

Thanks for comin on Nick, love the pub

Ian Ballard

Watson gets sacked more than 40oz beers at a gas station. Clark, Jones and Suggs are gonna eat!!!

    Carlos Ruiz

    I agree, I think they can force a fumble out of Watson

    Johnny Hooker

    Stop hating Watson make magic just watch

    frank trevino

    That’s true but KC pass rush sucks. They couldn’t sack watson not 1 time in week 6. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Carlos Ruiz

    frank trevino Yeah no duh because Chris Jones and Suggs didn’t play, and Frank Clark was still not 100%, he’s getting sacked at least 4 times mark my words

    Santiago Renteria

    Definitely holds the ball longer than probably any other QB in the league. You better hope your chiefs get sacks because if he holds the ball and doesn’t get sacked hell burn you. Go Texans!

Jie Lee

Thank you for having Nick on there! Always loved his commentary – he can get carried away sometimes but I feel like hes always been one of the more balanced opinions in the NFL and its good to see him on the show! Love this show and we’re all rooting for the Chiefs this upcoming Sunday!

    daa texans

    Except when talking about texans….


    Texans hater at it’s finest lol 😂

Stevone Capone

Championships Swagger dawg .. I’ve never had this much confidence in my Chiefs before in my life we have a legitimate shot with a great quarterback I’m excited


    Stevone Capone as a life long fan (I’m only 20 so I can’t vouche for chiefs before like 2005) it feels awesome to know we have a real shot at the SB

    Stevone Capone

    @Firas very awesome

    momma Rhonda

    Yep. They’re firing on all cylinders! Miami bound baby!

    j l

    💯 Utt Oh… My Mahomie has a defense now! Lombardi 🏆 here we come! Let’s Roll!!!

    Jakob Wingard

    Facts!!! Bruh I’m auctually believing we’re gonna win..usually I saw we will knowing we won’t. But I truly we have an amazing shot

Chris Honeycutt

My thoughts on Nick Wright is nothing but the upmost respect it’s like having one of our own guys at the national media always bragging on the Chiefs I love it keep up the work Nick you’re awesome dude I always watch your show Chiefs Kingdom go Chiefs

    Red_Chiefs 15

    Chris Honeycutt yessir

    Chris Honeycutt

    Red_Chiefs 15 👍

Mr Hazlett

Derrick Henry is a grown man lol

Curt Thacker

This is THE year lets go chieeeeefs

    j l

    Revenge is a dish best served cold! Starts Sunday! (I hope the Titans beat the Ravens and have to come to our house this time!) Let’s Roll!!!

    Lola Chavera

    Curt Thacker you sound like all the Dallas Cowboys fans … we them boys it’s our year

Cheb Ornek

31 -10 Chiefs jump out to a 3 touchdown lead, then Andy puts Mahomes & the offense into cruise control to use up clock in the 2nd half as Houston tries to score TDs against the defense, turning the ball over on downs repeatedly against the improving defense.

Theo Lee

Not going to happen for texans this time. They are toast book it 😁👍


I just wanna hear Shannon Sharpe say, “Niiiyuck!” once before I die.


Stop the background music. It is distracting not adding anything to the conversation.


super bowl swagger c:

Juan Hernandez

Come on chiefs ya got this I know ya got this let’s go Patrick tyreek kelce


My Chiefs …I’m definitely in love! 😍😍😍

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