Game Preview w/ ESPN’s Field Yates | Chiefs vs. Bears – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Victor Hardin

Should be an easy win for us

Mike Shrader

Should be

Ant Queen

Our defense needs to shut down bears RBs in the pass and especially the run game. Our offense is too much for this good bears D. Chiefs win 32-20

    Isaac Reyes

    Ant Queen bears aren’t putting up 20. They don’t have a good run game, and Mitch is not great under pressure. Spags will put a similar plan they put forth with Broncos.

    Lenny James

    @Isaac Reyes Now watch Mitch come out make you eat your words! Like whole lot cowboys fans he did that tooo StayTuned

    Lenny James

    BearDown Be careful theirs NO Pressure on Bears they didn’t make playoffs by one game! They also got 5 starters back! But out since week 4

Zachary07S YT


SINCE 1908

    Devil’s Advocate

    So you’ve already forgotten about the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016?

    James Fagan

    Zachary07S YT Don’t follow baseball much do you?


Gut feeling, Watkins has a huge game.

    momma Rhonda

    Gut feeling.. Hardman is going to if they give him the chance.

    Todd P

    Gut feeling, Watkins gets injured. (I know, I’m going out on a limb.)

    momma Rhonda

    @Todd P lol let’s hope not tho

    Todd P

    momma Rhonda You know what’s crazy? Healthy or not this season, he’s only shown up once: week one.

    momma Rhonda

    @Todd P it’s awesome that this team has so many weapons, I didn’t realize that.

ALG Ra1n

We should be able to win every game from here

Ian Ballard

4:38 Jamaal Charles and Kareem Hunt were 3rd round running backs. Both were generational, “centerpiece” backs.

Chris Lopez

oO chiefs ….. Things just got very interesting with T.Suggs ..lets play !!🎄🎅😃 Christmas came early !!!!

Ronal Alcantara

Is “The Franchise” series done?

    Javier Serrano

    Ronal Alcantara break for Xmas how tv shows do it

    Ronal Alcantara

    @Javier Serrano Oh ok, thank you.

Malcom X

Rise up RB!

Lenny James

Mack wants to talk too Mahomes! BearDown

Dale Winston

28-10 chiefs

Brad Dilley

It’s funny how is talking to a chiefs reporter asking how many running backs come out of the 3rd become a center piece thats just funny charles and hunt and i know what happened to hunt but he was still the center poece

Sean S.

Honeybadger-“I’m too SMART!!!”

Sean S.

We got this #ChiefsKingdom

Gulab Singh

Good game


Gotta get that pressure on T-Biscuit. Go Suggs!

James Lane

Let me tell you something son I’m from the days of Howard Cosell when football was real not fake

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