FULL Conference Championships Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aidian Neely

“Take Care of Ya’ll Chickens” -Beast Mode


    Whos best mode last time i heard that was 2017

    Lillian Ball

    @RoushX Marshawn Lynch u idiot and he came out of retirement casual



    Aidian Neely

    He will always be Beast mode.

    49ers ALLDAY

    Lmfao at bustmode


This is what I always wait for shout out to everyone who wants to hit the milli as bad as I do let’s get it squad up dfs life


With the amount of upsets that has happened each round so far, Y’all think there’s gonna be another one???

    Elakai Bubba

    I think so

    Carlos Lopez

    Titans yes

    aaron berhane

    3lement2010 yup Packers and Titans could pull one

    Carlos Lopez

    @aaron berhane idk about packers

    robin baby

    Packers for the upset


DAMN i came here almost as soon as this vid came out hoping to be first comment then there was like 2000 comments

    Jøn đa beåst

    No I was

    Toasty Blizzard

    Jøn dA Bæst Do you want a sticker for that?

    aaron berhane

    Jøn dA Bæst and….

Darkworld 1006

The dislikes are from Patriots fans

    Ryan Randone

    Darkworld 1006 not gonna lie most of us pats fans in New England are actually enjoying the playoffs. They are very exciting this year and are a little bit stress free

    One Love

    I’m a loyal Chiefs fan but, the Pats Robert Kraft is the real goat in the NFL , he bought the team that hired coach B and T Brady , so Kraft is the Patriots goat .

    Jake Meke

    Ryan Randone shouldn’t have been stressful at all with all the cheating they do

Daniel Reeves

Based on the play-off’s so far, I think it’s fair to say these Championships are wide open!! Let’s go!!


    I bet you’re fun at parties.


    @Daniel Reeves Right, and you’ll be quiet as a mouse when the Niners crush the Packers again. Lol

    Maurice Davis

    Daddy D naw your dumb..

    Maurice Davis

    Cali i can’t wait to crush your mom again on Sunday…

David R

The NFL Final 4 😎👍

David R

Good Luck TITANS/OILERS Like the Chiefs also but hope the Titans/Oilers Shock The Nation Tour Continues 😎👍

    Chaldean King


    He Was Dead When I Got There

    @Chaldean King LETS GO CHIEFS.. nice bike bro!

    George Harry

    David R TITANUP

    American Sports Fan

    Hunter Tompkins


Mario Jamaal

*remember the titans*

    Nathan Williams

    Remember the tight ones.

    Luke Stanley

    Titans have a legit chance of winning. Their gameplan has been to control the clock and keep your offense off the field. And when it is on the field hit you hard. That’s the key, keep Mahomes off the field, don’t let the game turn into a track meet, don’t turn the ball over. Basically what the Giants did to the Bills in ’91.


I got the packers winning with a upset

    Chantalan Martinez

    @RoushX Packers winning with a rigged game

    Ke'J Reed

    the 49ers aren’t blowing anybody out. they’ve won 1 score games + the falcons beat them. foh

    Nike Trushkov

    Ke’J Reed The refs added time randomly when the game should have ended.




I dont know why i think the nfl will rig this for the chiefs to play the packers in the superbowl

    Jake Meke

    GOGYS they won’t cause the Packers aren’t gonna be there

    American Sports Fan


    So pretty much a rematch of superbowl 1 at any time means the league is rigged. Got it…..and also the pats winning, and a team winning their first….ya know what lets just make everything rigged. If any team wins the superbowl it’s rigged

    American Sports Fan

    Yeah Boi

    Games aren’t rigged. Takes a negative IQ to think that

william jones

#TITATNUP 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jake Hearn

    william jones YES SUH

Cameron Whorf

I feel like the highest scoring game would be chiefs vs Green Bay while the closest and most interesting might be the 49ers vs titans.

    Toasty Blizzard

    Cameron Whorf Not Chiefs and Green bay. Its gonna be Chiefs and Niners. Green bay and Titans is gonna be the heart attack super bowl with the last play deciding the game.

    X xGamingKingx X

    Cameron Whorf bruh Green Bay beats niners? In your dreams

    aaron berhane

    X xGamingKingx X any given sunday

    robin baby


Master Of None

Lets go niners!! ⛏⛏⛏⛏

    Andrew Kuftack



    I hate the Niners, but I hate the packers way more.


Cmon titans let’s beat the chiefs! this is going to be a great game!


    Can’t wait for the tears from Chiefs fans this Sunday. A lot of trash talking and arrogance, while all the Titans fans I know have been humble and quiet. Gonna be one of those “Mahomes had a bad game” rebuttal for everything …

    American Sports Fan

    Rammel Hawil

    Except we have a playoff win and momentum

    American Sports Fan


    Tears? Why would we be crying when we are lifitng the trophy? Oh yeah tears of joy i gotchu


    Im rooting for the Titans, they got this.

    Rajon Dondu

    Luke Steele now why would you wish injury on someone you dirtbag smh I thought your grandma taught you better after I analized her


My prediction: Chiefs VS Packers Super Bowl 1 rematch AKA State farm bowl

    Jake Hearn

    Visual Nah, I think it’s gonna be Titans/49ers

    Austie Aust

    It would be awesome

That Guy Donny

This game can go anyway, I’m glad the playoffs are back to being exciting!

Eliud Guajardo

I really wanna see Chiefs vs. 49ers

    Jake Hearn

    Nah, screw the chiefs, Titans v 49ers super bowl

    Greg Heffley

    Jake Hearn u rlly wanted get your head bashed


    Titans are gonna win. Their defense is playing better than KC’s offense in all 4 qtrs. Henry is gonna eat as well.

Ashley and Micah English

This dude hating on (13-3) GB like they don’t even have a chance while acting like the (9-7) Titans aren’t the underdogs vs the KCC…

Bias is bias.

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