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Free Agency Rumors & Breaking Down Draft Needs | Bucs Insider

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips report from the AdventHealth Training Center.

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Smoov P

If the Bucs can’t improve on the 4th straight bottom 10 run game it will not matter who is at QB. They ranked 30th in plays of no gain in the run game, that sounds like A LOT of 2nd and 3rd &10 plays and THROWING DOWNS. Which is a bonafide recipe for EVERY DEFENSE to make interceptions and make play on the ball. Despite that historically bad stat they still won 7 games with a realistic shot of 10 WINS which is/would be the most by a 30 INT QB in 41 years and he tied for the fewest wins(7) by a 30+ INT QB since 1978 or earlier where George Blanda threw 42 INTERCEPTIONS AND A 11-3 RECORD in 1960. 2 players in 1978 threw 30 INTs both won at least 7 games and are HOFers Frank Tarkenton and Ken Stabler. 2 players in the 1980s or later threw 30 INTs neither won more than 5 games and it was Buccaneer great Vinny Testaverde. These are facts from just a few google searches and nobody thinks the way we cover this team and the QB is egregious. Run the ball like every last playoff team did at an above average rate(minus the chiefs LOL) and you will make the playoffs with Jameis also I don’t think we’ll have the same terrible schedule next year or a QB looking over his shoulder game in and game out he has not been comfortable as QB in 6+ years. Let Jameis go and it tells me this is bigger than football we started as a 2 win team over 5 years the average breaks down to about 6.5 wins with historically bad defense and run game for 5 consistent years outside of Doug Martin and competent defense for 2 5 game stretches in 5 years. the Tampa fan base is probably the biggest posers when it comes to realistic expectations given our roster. Jameis has kept this offense in the top 10 for MAJORITY of his career as well & proved it without CG and wEaPoN, OJ Howard early and Mike Evans and CG late this year. How many QB lead their 2-14 team to a +7 win improvement in the first 2 years (also became the 1st ever B2B 4,000 YD passer to start their career)?

    J M

    Smoov P I don’t wanna trash Winston but another season with no playoffs and all this you wrote will be for nothing cuz is either win or get tf out also it comes a time where the roller coaster has to go straight up not up and down like Winston does on a game to game basis and that’s if he gets that chance cuz BA might love Phillip Rivers more then Winston.

    Jay Els

    J M if the Bucs really want to win Winston is the only option. All you hear is QBs throw more pics under Arians first year. So they sign Rivers he has to pick up the play book and create chemistry with the other players. You draft a rook even worse. That’s 2-3 more years of waiting to see what you got at qb. You know what you got with Winston. The Bucs just never built anything around him. In 5 years no run game, consistent oline, no defense, he’ll couldn’t even get kicker right or even special teams. Draft after draft no real help. Even with ints Winston keeps the Bucs in games. Look at the last 2 games of the season. It’s all put on Winston but those games should’ve been wins. That Houston game Winston went down but by halftime the score was tied. Second half the run couldn’t convert 3rd and 1s and the catchers kept dropping passes putting it all back on Winston. That Atlanta game the kicker can’t get right putting it back on Winston.
    Really think the fans expect him to throw for 6000 and 50tds. The pic sixes only issue I have but that won’t happen again. The ints i don’t really care about. Cause if he didn’t throw them and went 3 and out they would just punt more. You still need a defense to make plays and a run game to control the clock. Bucs never gave Winston that.

Max Vasher

Any news on the new uniforms?!?! I heard there was a new design the Bucs put up online but then it was taken down. Hope it’s this year that we get new ones. We’ve had some of the best unis
in the past but this current style has got to go away.


Brady? He wouldn’t even sneeze in tampa. THATS the joke of the year. He’s a winner. WHAT have bucs won in last 15yrs? I’ll wait…..

    Creative Screen name

    I think he stays in NE but if he does leave his intention would be to prove NE was successful because of his arm talent and Tampa honestly will be an attractive landing spot, the D improved dramatically as the year went on and there is a staggering amount of Offensive talent here


    @Creative Screen name I’ve been a bucs fan over 30yrs. Attractive is NEVER associated with bucs. He’s a winner. We aren’t. Ok. Where’s the run game? How many point on average did my bucs give up last yr? He want to win now. Bucs want to win whenever. Saints are better over all

    J M

    tempe1d after him seeing that you have to stop the run to win, he should look at us if not he’ll see when we face him that his time is up.



Creative Screen name

The bucs NEED a splash pick in the 1st to bring fans back in unless they land a flashy free agent QB. I would love to see them take a shot at moving up for 1 of the QBs but please not Love , he isnt known for precision and it screams bust to me.

Rolando U

QB is one of the last thing we need to worry about

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