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Kyler is already heads and shoulders better than Baker.. Browns would be 12-1 if they drafted Lamar Jackson smh. That Defense,running game and WR and TE🧐🧐

    chris bikin

    You can design an offense around a quarterback but if you don’t have the talent you won’t win. As bad as Freddie kitchens has been you guys still have better receivers and running backs than we do. We also have the worse pass defense in the league and a mediocre line. Kyler is Fersure better than baker mayfield I mean there is no excuse having the worst qb stats in the league even if your coach is bad when you have a wealth of talent on offense.

    Bryan Hallman

    @chris bikin Have you watched Freddie coach a complete game this season? He’s a handicap all by himself.

    chris bikin

    Have you watched the cardinals play? Rookie qb with a bad oline and no receivers or running backs? Has a horrible defense?

    chris bikin

    Kyler Murray has single handily kept us in all our games. I would say only two of the games are actually his fault. Even with the lack of talent we have if our defense was just slightly better we would have 4 more wins and we don’t have near the talent you do.

    Joy Rider

    Lamar Jackson is one play away from being injured, as they get into the playoffs, he will see better defense he won’t get around. Browns beat him.


Kitchens should be fired. He is embarrassing.

    The Real John Smith

    How so?


    In what way?

nelson bermudez

We want Ron Rivera!!! Rivera will feed to 2 headed monster at running back Kareem Chubb!!

Bryan Hallman

I would love to see Grossi forced to pay a fine. 🤣😜

    D Flatt

    He’s such a troll lol.

Angel DeJesus

Sad to say cause I don’t like turn over but Freddie looks lost I would say stick it out one more year but when your players are checked out then your gone…

jerry howard

Kitchens in over his head. Baker sucks. O line sucks. Other than that everything is fine.

    D Flatt

    Kitchens is a clown, Baker needs to continue developing (he has more talent than any QB I’ve seen there since Kosar), and we need to grab some O-Lineman in the off season. Almost there. Too many people bought into the hype. The Browns have played 7 of the top 10 teams according to the power rankings. Tough schedule.

    The Real John Smith

    Real men of genius commenting on Freddie Kitchens. You should have been quiet and only thought to be fools.

    D Flatt

    @The Real John Smith I’m SO glad you went there:
    1. Blocking some of the best DEs in the game with a 2nd or 3rd string TE.
    2. Empty backfield on third and short when you have arguably the best running attack in the league.
    3. Deep routes with a shitty O line on 3 consecutive plays causing many 3 and outs (happens all the time).
    4. Failure to use the run game and not using play action.
    5. Lack of discipline (personal fouls, people hitting other people with helmets, ect.)
    6. Horrible blocking schemes by the O line. There is a serious lack of talent here so don’t put too much of that on Kitchens.
    7. Going to the movies when you have a HUGE division game coming up.

    I can go on if you need me too. The only fool here is you bruah.

chris bikin

I feel like the cardinals should beat the browns because your head coach is terrible but I feel the browns will find a way to beat us.

    Rick Kilchenman

    I hope your right.

    Lo 1X

    Yall team is terrible ijs

Lawn Pusher

Good Job Tony. Fine him! 4:40


If they don’t replace the coach our players will start leaving.


    Really?? Not giving Freddie much of a chance.

Austin Hix

We’re 1 and 0. That’s all that matters!

T Shaw

1-0 baby!!! Playoffs here we come!!!! Browns dynasty!!!!

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