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C Swimm

Who is this guy?


“I don’t care about my future”-Freddie Kitchens


    Tars100% when did he say that?


    @ezzyslays press-conference, Watch recent ESPN video as well they posted this morning.


Your Fired!

Converged Sheaf



Man I don’t want to your face next year or I am disowning this team. That’s it. Had enough.


    Saidakine facts i only became a Browns fan because of Joe Haden and Josh Gordon but when they got cut from the team I decided to stay and be loyal to the team because I love the city, but I don’t know if I’ll be here for very long.

Walt Stilwell

Can’t fire freddy fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

mr B

browns will be 6-10, we aint even seen how ugly it will get and im a fan good luck

Joshua De Laet

Urban is coming

Mike Stoltz

Same speech every time. Another wasted year, and IMO mostly the coach’s fault.

    Cereal Killer

    Great opinion

Austin Miller

I still think that Freddie kitchens needs to go he does not know how to coach very good at least Jim harbaugh knows how to coach the browns need a great head coach and has excellent play calling in the NFL coaches like Jim Harbaugh, Sean Mcvay, Mike Tomlin and more

Drew 4 Two

Really? Hey everyone the browns are supposed to be very good this year what do you know NOPE that’s like every year

Jay mere


Zack Hawk

How about the coach vs coach matchup, we lose that every week

Austin Hix

Let’s go 1 and 0 this week

Richard Flood

This guy is highlighting useless stats. Dude! The only thing that matters is that win lose record!!!! Who cares about playing for each other thru the fire blah blah blah! Who cares! Win!!! No one cares about your emotions your coming together who cares at this point year after year we’ve heard this same crap! Who care. We don’t care if you hate each other. We don’t care if you hate us. Just win! This isn’t little league there’s no good effort trophy. You are all getting paid a crap ton to do a job you aren’t doing. Bottom line are you winning! WIN!!!!!


we’ve done some things good this year? talking about stats? Whats our record freddie? last time i checked its a team game not an individual game.


You blew it Freddie. At least come out and admit that half your players are not playing 100% effort.

Caleb Garmany

just fire him please im tired of i thought they were ready but ig i didnt coach em good enough just give monken the rest of the year and see how he does

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