Freddie Kitchens Explains Prep for Week 16 & Injury Updates | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Drew 4 Two

Are you really sure? They even lost to the cardinals but we beat ravens this year 40-25 so Idk

Redamancy 1

I’m not sure these clowns even know what sport they’re playing.


    Redamancy 1 yeah idk we suck I don’t know what we need we’re stacked

Liam De Laet

Just leave, ur incompetent

Eduardo Martinez-Flores

The fact that Kitchens said that they are just now ready to play. That could have been said at the beginning of the season.

Beast Handler

Draft watch 2020

Scott Davis

I love it, tell nothing, that’s a head coach!!!!! Something else u can’t win if u fire coaches year or two year,ask Tim couch,saw him today on red zone,

Bryce Z

6:22 “I dont think we have a problem with guys playing hard”

Are you kidding? Do you even watch the flim?


Bye Freddie!

Marc Shan

I was at last week’s game, and they certainly didn’t look like they were ready for $**t! Dumba** needs to go!

Brent MF

I’m just going to say that, no coach should wear a beanie hat to a press conference

Dan M

If they beat the ravens or it’s close – he stays. This is the hot seat game. Must see tv.

Marco Marini

See ya Freddie!

Hammer Time

Lol what a joke

Hammer Time

So is Higgins so is David Njoku we been questioning where they been

Arnold Davis

He has no plan to prep to tell Cleveland we are going to keep improving that never happens

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