Freddie Kitchens: Everyone Is Working to be Best Version of Themselves | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Fire Freddie



Oui Bay

Freddie Buy Bye!

Hunter Antol


everything Official

Jus go!!!!!

    david sanders


Robert Hazen

Its a lose-lose Freddie, if you lose its a horrible way to go out, if you win, its the Bengals, don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back to much

    david sanders


Rod Trongard


Ronald Burse

Really great coach.

mick chappo

I thought they fired this MF already.. do he realized

Stephen Harris

Hearing Freddie talk is painful

    Andrew Holloway

    Stephen Harris he always starts out talking about preparation and then we lose in the same fashion we have for this entire season. I hope we blow the last game #firefreddie

    The Real John Smith

    You’re a pos! Hoping they lose. GFY


At least he has nice teeth when he smiles

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

I’d rather hire someone random Brown fan in this comment section as the head coach instead of this guy. Y’all Brown fans are done if he doesn’t lose his job

garry nichols

doresy should have chosen greg williams for head coach defence is king by by freddie


    players hate greg williams. and that’s probably why he left. he’s a big mouthed idiot anyways. look at how well the jets are doing with him. LMFAO


only one more game and we’ll never see this guy in browns attire ever again

Talib Muhammad-Ali

Get this joke out of here.

Kid Wilson33

Uhhhh.Uhh…. Uhhh.

Ralph Marcus II

Pride goest before a fall
Freddie is scared to lose his job to Todd Monken.
Even on the last game he won’t let him call plays…
what a chicken.
Give it up Freddie.
I don’t want this team roster wasted anymore.

    david sanders


Yohan Koo

Next HC please

The Real John Smith

Kitchens said the Browns would be a running team in training camp. The Browns have the league’s top rusher in attempts and yards.

The Browns will likely have two wideouts with 1000 receiving yards.

Baker Mayfield has not had the year that we all hoped for. An offensive line in disarray because injuries and poor play from the tackles and right guard. #1 tight end lost after 2nd game replaced with a collection of non blocking ball dropping misfits.

A defensive line ravaged by injuries and suspension. The secondary and linebacking unit also suffering huge losses because of injuries.

The takeaway from most commentators is that this has all been Freddie Kitchens fault. Well, I say he hasn’t done everything the way you may wanted, but he’s been a bit handicapped by the expectations that people have placed on a young and inexperienced team with two diva wide receivers who have wanted everything to go through them even when the o-line couldn’t protect the quarterback and a Cleveland media that only seeks to stir up controversy.

nelson maldonado

So he does know clock time and points on the board. He just cant manage it. Hes probably the most aggravating person to listen to. I dont know how any of the guys in the locker room tolerate uncle buck. He needs to get better first and foremost, hard to be an example when you are this bad.

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