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FOX Sports Analysts React to the Las Vegas Raiders

Hear from FOX Sports analysts Erin Andrews, Jay Glazer, Howie Long, Rob Gronkowski, Joe Buck, and Troy Aikman as they express their excitement for the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Jonny playz mc Jig

I’m excited to can’t wait to go and to the raiders to win


For now its Las Vegas Raiders but it will always be the OAKLAND RAIDERS!!!!


    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Thea haters cannot denied the roots of this team like or not it it will ALWAYS BE THE OAKLAND RAIDERS , you cannot take away its place of birth and rooted and branded for decades from the city it’s was MADE FROM SUKUHZ …..

    Steve Mai

    @LOYAL 2 THE SOIL It’s about Raider Nation and we’re worldwide, not one city or town owns us.

    Shun Lanier

    Steve Mai Vegas does tight now technically. Just saying

    Steve Mai

    @Shun Lanier wtf is Tight?

    Steve Mai

    @Shun Lanier If it’s a new drug well that’s their business, but don’t push it on me. 😂

Adam Quintana

Raider Nation just win baby

Elvir Doko

I saved my 1st Vegas vacation until the raiders arrive. CANT WAIT!

    Steve Mai

    Me too, never cared to visit until now lol

Baby Blu3

Troy Aikman looks like a zombie

    Ghost Aloco

    Broadcasts the same way…Troy and Joe Buck are the worst combo in American sports. I can’t watch games on Fox.

    Bay Area 510

    @Ghost Aloco Only if Tony Romo could simultaneously call every game

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @Ghost Aloco yup…awful!!

    Ghost Aloco

    @Bay Area 510 lol

Kevin J

Having a brand new stadium which is the best in the league along with our new work out facilities and being located at a destination that’ll mark us on basically every free agent’s top 5 selection list due to how much there is to do in Vegas and how it’s tax-free, we’re going to have a successfully bright future.

The future is bright, Raider Nation. The Autumn Wind is going to take the league by storm and *we’re gonna laugh when we’ve conquered and won.* ☠💯

Ronnie Boy

Lol we know where Gronks going to be next season, pounding some shots and bruskis in Vegas 😂

Quintis Collier

Yes Sir Go Las Vegas Raiders

drew agardy

Shout out to the make-up people behind the curtain, these people look a whole lot different than when they are on air. 😂😂

    Christopher Marcek

    Because this alot closer without cutting to field or another picture


    Howie still looks great for his age

    Steve Mai

    Troy Aikman looking like he got bit by a zombie but trying to play it cool. 😂😂

Yung Sammy Sosa

Being from oakland this is bitter sweet..but im hella happy for my raiders!!!💯💪🏾💪🏾


Now they truly are a Raider Nation brand I thought about it I was an Oakland Raiders fan then I was an Los Angels Raiders fan then back to Oakland now I must accept the Raiders move to Las Vegas I bleed Silver and Black


    Apockiller ,,,,, that’s SOLID , bro I feel what your saying cuz so am I one of the fans that was oakland , LA , Oakland and now Vegas , cuz we are the HEART OF THE RAIDERS .

Skippz 1904

Howie looks like he can still go pair him up with Crosby

David nuttall

“The greatness of the Raiders lies in their future.” – Al Davis

    Chris Gang

    Well said👌


Erin “like” Andrews
Joe ” the worst” Buck

Mat Chen

Someone tell Jay Glazer that Tom Brady is not coming to the Raiders lmfao.

    la tulipe noire

    When gru heard about that he rolled in his own grave and he ain’t even dead yet

Jody Taylor

Best move the Raiders have done in years…..totally on board.

Christopher Marcek

Erin Andrews 😘😘😘 I love the Raiders then your a close second…😍😍😍

Anthony Provencio


Rolando Mota

It looks like Aikmans eyes, skin, and lips are all the same color?? Hope hes ok.

paulo mazieri

Forever Oakland Raiders.

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