Foster Moreau’s Versatility on Offense | Raiders Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Foster Moreau’s Versatility on Offense | Raiders Review

In this week's Raiders Review, former Pro Bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy breaks down the rookie season from tight end Foster Moreau.

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AGoodUserOnYouTube : }

first if not second

Ruben Brambila

Third of not second

    AGoodUserOnYouTube : }

    Ruben Brambila ur second i guess

Jacob Cruz

Foster is a beast in the making!!! Future looks bright!☠😎

Dane Bowen

What is his injury status? How long for recovery?

    Joshua scott

    Hes should be good after fa

:Larry-Alan :Longacre.

FOSTER, stay healthy , we got this next season


Mayock straight killed this draft… the future is bright

    Joshua scott

    Ikr u ain’t wrong

    Damn Yankee


Heartofachild O.A.

#87 You have all the skills continue to get better everyday! #98 MC whats up bro! im rocking that #98 jersey right now! LEEETS GOOO!

    Joshua scott


Black Widow

Can’t wait to see even more of him next season

Kevin J

Moreau is a beast and a total steal of the Draft, easily the best TE from last year’s Draft class. He could be a starter on about half the teams in the league, that’s how impressive his rookie year was. Him and Waller are gonna be a deadly duo for years to come.

Andrew Marone

More weapons for Carr!

Michael Brueck

What’s the word on Isaiah Johnson is he still playing? I thought he was going to come in the last few games of the season!

    Joshua scott

    Reminds me of dj Hayden


what about the severity of his injury and the diagnosis after surgery? A concerned raiders fan…


πŸ’˜ these vids!!!! Rnfl

Joshua scott

When he first got drafted I was like he’s gonna ball out this season yup

Prince Of The Power Judah

Keep it going Lincoln Kennedy


We enjoy you Brother, Thank you. See ya in Vegas. Semper Fi Raiders!


Hes the next Rob Gronkowski.

Poppa WoLFF

Rampage Jackson proclaimed that Lincoln is …
*”Professor Titties”*



He’s a beast

Mr Smith

Nothing negative to say, love your reviews. Lincoln’s classroom 😁

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