Final Thoughts: Packers vs. Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Logan Walton Reply

Green bays gonna cook them like to agree

    aaron berhane Reply

    I’m expecting Davante Adams to get at least 2 touchdowns

    Justin Peters Reply

    Logan Walton do you know if the packers game is on 12:00 pm today ?

    Karthik Bobba Reply

    Justin Peters it’s 1:00 eastern time

    A. B. Reply

    Do doubt there getting destroyed there is no quarterback like aaron rodgers im wearing his jersey rn

Wayne Gouin Reply

My prediction. Rodgers explodes for five touchdowns. Final score Packers 38 Broncos 10.

    Caleb Spacher Reply

    I hope so

Logan Haynes Reply

Aaron better be throwing some tds

    aaron berhane Reply

    Logan Haynes don’t worry he will

    Jabren Harris Reply

    He did against the Vikings defense obviously he will 🤦🏾‍♂️

SauceBae Reply

Make s statement with this win Pack!

aaron berhane Reply

I think Adams explodes this game

    Wayne Gouin Reply

    Yeah. Go Devontae!

Melissa Cassell Reply

If we just stay focus and play to win plus be careful with these penalties we got this
Go Pack Go!!!!

John Wayne Everett Reply

Denver is tuff we are going to win ……go pack go … miller leave RODGERS ALONE..

David Boucher Reply

My prediction. David Bakhtiari pounds a 6 pack, goes super saiyan and kamehamehas the Denver sideline.
Endgame Pack wins.

Abel Gonzalez Reply

My guys Kenny Clark and Aaron Jones.

Caleb Spacher Reply

Go Pack Go!

Chris Terry Reply

Green Bay Jackers 💪
Lets go!

beruckoo Reply

The man today going to be is Arron Rodgers ….baaaad man….

Raph Raph Reply

I honestly love the packers but I hate there old jerseys

    Jabren Harris Reply

    @Raph Raph Because it’s a throw back to their original name and those are the original colors before they were Green Bay Packers. As a “packers fan” u should know that

    Raph Raph Reply

    @Jabren Harris no I know why they have them but what I’m saying is they don’t look nearly as good but let’s just be cool 7 to 0

    Raph Raph Reply

    @Jabren Harris all I was trying to say Is I dont like them

    Jabren Harris Reply

    @Raph Raph we scored first? Cool

    Raph Raph Reply

    @Jabren Harris yes sir

aaron berhane Reply

The only thing I’m really worried about Denver is Von Miller our offensive line has to stop him

    Raph Raph Reply

    I agree

    Christian Cazares Reply

    We did 🙌🏽he didn’t do anything

Melanie Gilg Reply

GO pack Go 💛💚🏈

Hera Rahma Reply

🔴 Live now here 👉 «–USA-NFL-09-22 »

Eric S Reply

War eagle!

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