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Ravens vs NFC

Tyler Harrington

First viewer and comment 💯😁

Khiliq Pullen


King Wani

I wanna play in the super bowl no one watches the pro bowl lol draft Jerry Judy

JoJo M

first i love the ravens!

F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

Wow I hope we at least win the pro bowl

Sam Dath

Dosen,t feel right with us not in the super bowl go ravens

werthy is my name

Yeah this could’ve been prevented if we won against the Titans. We should’ve won

Le Noir

1:02 The Ravens aren’t the center of attention of the NFL anymore, it’s the chiefs. Which is great because the ravens are better as the underdog or the overlooked team, and it makes the bandwagonners disappear…until we start winning again 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Myron McClain

    Le Noir back to normal

    Tonja Bowman

    That’s because you are a fake fan or not one at all get outta here either you wit it or you not quite whining

    Salia Berthe

    Tonja Bowman What makes @Le Noir a fake fan?

    Myron McClain

    Tonja Bowman dude. Chill

    Andrew Mercier

    Fax we do better as the 4 or 6 seed

Leroy Worsley

MVP Lamar Jackson! GO RAVENS!

Nons ツ

Lamar handing off to Henry?????????

    Nate Franklin

    Bruhhhh thats illegal

    GamingBros XL

    Nons ツ, that’s just not fair if both of them try a little bit. I kinda hope harbaugh uses this opportunity to talk with some of the players about signing.


    Brooo thats something i wanna see

    Darth Thrath

    Henry to the Ravens lol one can dream!

w3tp00ln00dle /


ryan damon

Hi ravens 💜💜🖤🖤🏈

jeremy morris

It’s hard to watch the ravens stuff right now still hurt from the lost




    😢 yeah it does but I’m looking forward to seeing the guys this Saturday 💜💜💜


What happened to Hawaii? It’s warmer there.

All dolled up in gabardine

I wont be watching one minute of this game, this coaching staff sabotaged this season, let’s see here.. we’ve won 12 straight games a certain way, I know, let’s do something completely different, this coaching staff can go straight to hell.


I miss seeing our guys play…it’ll be good to see them on Saturday #Ravennation 💜💜💜💜

Nate The Great

Pro Bowl makes me sad….


My main man Marcus to playin?

Frosted Ice Pharoah

What makes this year’s Pro-Bowl different?

That players from a team that finished the regular season with 12 straight wins will be in it. 😞😭

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