Film Room: Philadelphia’s Offensive Weapons | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: Philadelphia’s Offensive Weapons | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Will McClay breaks down the strengths trio of weapons on the Philadelphia Eagles offense, RB Miles Sanders and TE's Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert in this weeks edition of Film Room.

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Prince Akpan

Who Is Going To Win? Cowboys Or Eagles?☺

    Prince Akpan

    @Fernando Cruz I Bet The Eagles Are Going To Lose On Sunday

    Fernando Cruz

    Prince Akpan amen brother

    Prince Akpan

    @Fernando Cruz Do you watch the football every Sunday?

    Donald J. Trump


    Prince Akpan

    @Donald J. Trump Thanks for the reply Donald J. TrumpπŸ˜‚

Robert Reyes

Bring up the ir list please..



Angry Birdz

Hope you don’t think you’re going to come into Philly and just steamroll my Eagles. There will not be a repeat of week 7 mark my words!

    Angry Birdz

    @Shawn Smith
    How you own us in the division if since 2001 we’ve won the east 8 times and ya’ll won it 5? What kinda math you doin?

    Angry Birdz

    @Shawn Smith
    Not to mention since the late 90s until now we’ve been to and won more super bowls than ya’ll

    Angry Birdz

    @Eric Starnes
    There’s no question that with the injuries we’ve suffered, ya’ll are the better team right now but your QB is banged up and that drastically decreases the percentage to win. Dak takes the wrong hit and it might be curtain call time for my Eagles. We’ll see what’s up on Sunday. Nevertheless, I won’t be wishing you good luck– that would just be stupid when I want your team to lose.

    Shawn Smith

    @Angry Birdz bro put that weed down lmao y’all only have one ring in 54 year’s gtfoh✌️

    Shawn Smith

    @Angry Birdz stop being delusional bro. The only thing that matters is ring’s smh πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† to πŸ† do the math✌️

Charles Chreptak

I guess they HAD to bring on WIll McClay since they ran Brian Broudous out of Dallas. I know no one will care but I do. BRING HIM BACK for film breakdown!

Cali Smooth

Will McClay for GM

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