Film Room: Joey Bosa and Philip Rivers Can Both Be Game-Changers | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: Joey Bosa and Philip Rivers Can Both Be Game-Changers | Minnesota Vikings

Former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich joined Paul Allen on this week's "Vikings GamePlan" to break down both sides of the ball for the Los Angeles Chargers, specifically looking at QB Philip Rivers' ability to attack a defense down the field and, on the other side of the ball, what DE Joey Bosa can do to make the life of a QB miserable.

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Ray Ray

Adam T is a game changer too. The offense is brutal with both him and Diggs out there. Can’t wait to see him out there again.

The Wrestler

I seriously bet Joey will try & join his brother on the 49ers.

ryan damon

SKOL 💛💛💜💜

Cedric Walker

Philip Rivers is 31st in NFL w 15 interceptions. He is 12th w 20 TDs… mostly to Eckeler or checkdowns n screens in dumpoffs. He has a QBR or near 45. However you don’t get to 20 Yrs without throwing a lot… which results in him being 3rd in league w roughly 3700 passing yrds. The story of his career. How many HoF qbs you know of with 5 career playoff wins… never consecutive?


We just need to win out and we’re in the playoffs. Should win this one but again don’t do the BillsGame. Go 100%


24-16 Vikings, our d line will sack rivers at least 5 times and force rivers into a pick or 2, and with thielen out there, it will be to much for the chargers D…SKOL

M z

The Vikings will Rush for 200 yards against the Chargers but lose on a last second field goal…

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