Film Room: How Minnesota Vikings Will Need To Defend & Attack Mitch Trubisky & Chicago’s Offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: How Minnesota Vikings Will Need To Defend & Attack Mitch Trubisky & Chicago’s Offense

Former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich joined Paul Allen on this week's "Vikings GamePlan" to break down this Sunday's opponent, the Chicago Bears, and specifically, what fans can expect from their offense led by QB Mitch Trubisky.

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David Alaniz

I hate the Vikings I just like the cowboys and the Texans


    Then fucking leave David


    Y u here bro


If the offense does good easy win

ryan damon

Let go VIKINGS 💛💛💜💜🏈

Austin 123

We got this as long as we can get our four RBs back and have Cook and Mattison lead the way (only in the playoffs).
Cause if we get them going again with no injury’s along with Rudolph and Irv, Diggs AND THIELEN.
We can beat any team in the playoffs cause Kirk is an amazing QB and I have all the faith in him. I always have. He just needs more time to throw the ball unlike Monday.
We got this!

    Gavin’s Savage

    Vikings go Vikings I love your comment best comment I’ve ever read

    Austin 123

    Gavin’s Savage awesome!!
    SKOL my friend! Let’s go get a super bowl!

    Gavin’s Savage

    Yeah but I don’t think it’s gonna happen hopefully Kirk cousins Doesn’t play like last game against the Packers skol mi friend skol if you subscribe to me I’ll subscribe to you comment back to me so then I now say OK dear or no I won’t subscribe you

    Gavin’s Savage

    I meant OK Deal Instead of OK dear

Legoat James

Who cares. Let’s just beat who.ever first playoff game

Finn Gullickson


sebastian cordova

We don’t need to win this game, we’re 6th seed either way. I say rest the starters and come in fresh for the playoffs.

Chandler Thoma

Why is the offense so fkin inconsistent, can never ever win the big one

Freer Habit

Bring that nasty!! Pound the beef!!! Be elite!!! You got done in by our division rival and it’s left a bad taste. Sorry I lost faith, but the rollercoaster drives me crazy when I see how talented this team is!

Sione Aonga

They should just play all backups haha i mean why not 🤷🏽‍♂️ no use in risking injuries to starters

Jim Holt

The only way the Vikings can win this game is if Kirk (I can’t play in prime time) Cousins shows up..Because seriously, they can’t always rely on the exceptional work of the defense.. And don’t forget about the Bears big strong defense .. So Cousins if doesn’t want to spend the day on the ground, he better be on game …#Skol !!!

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