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Madden Champ

Thanks for an autographed Jabrill Peppers jersey

    Joseph Torres

    You got? one nice


Dudes a solid safety for us 🔥🔥

Robert Woods

Trade him back to Cleveland and get OBJ back. Peppers isn’t that good. If he was that good then Cleveland would not have traded him.

    Robert Woods

    Daniel Camilo He’s been hurt more then playing….. Been getting burnt on to many plays. I’m not sold on him…. I rather have Collins then him

    Cole Hewitt

    Robert Woods that makes no sense you say that as if only bad players get traded. Why would Odell be traded? He’s good. They traded him because of Odell, they didn’t want to get rid of him but they wanted Odell. Fucking braindead

    Ian Jones

    If Odell was good Giants would not have traded him.

    Durwin Ho

    Robert Woods by that logic than why would the Giants trade obj smart guy


better than collins

    Anakin Cloutwalker

    Easily . Collins just the better tackler

Big Blue Squad

He can play LB, & Love can play CB, Carter can play ILB. Judge is going to love those versatile players.

The Sports Influencer

Freddie Kitchens expected hire!

Kingthevin _

He’s a beast. We need him

Muz Kamal26

Mans a good safety

Stephanie Clara

Like for linebackers for the giants

    Stephanie Clara

    Ogletree 🔥 doe

Rocco DeLucia

Who you taking for the draft


We love Jabrill Peppers!!
Represents North Jersey Aggressive football to the Fullest!!

Pedro Robles

great play but that game cost us Chase Young lol

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