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Familiar Foe | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes discuss the Bears’ offense (2:01) and defense (11:33) heading into Sunday’s matchup, and they discuss what’s different about both teams since the Week 1 meeting (16:28).

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Honestly since this is pretty much a rebuilding year, I wouldn’t mind getting bounced early in the playoffs as long as the Pack win the division and the Vikings don’t. And as long as the Vikings don’t make it farther in the playoffs.

    aaron berhane

    Glaze4K I some what agree but at the same time I want to win the super bowl so…. 😬


    I agree also, but worries me is I want Rodgers to another superbowl win. The clock is ticking fast

    aaron berhane

    DeadCaptainJames and that’s also why I want us to win

true grit

The Packers will have to come on strong to get into the super bowl and maybe pick up a experience wide out ((Odel B . Just to make Rodgers more comfortable .

    aaron berhane

    true grit skip from undisputed said Odell wants to play with rodgers


I really like Matt Lafleur but I honestly dont think Rodgers fits well in his offense. Rodgers is at his best outside the pocket and I’ve noticed alot of Matt’s plays have him inside pocket and I dont think Rodgers is comfortable inside the pocket anymore. I would love to see more quick throws and roll out plays for Rodgers.

Josh Edmonds

if this years draft doesn’t get his speed….Rodgers has had Lacey Montgomery William’s and Jones..big powerful backs…we need speed…rodgers needs to get the ball off fast…he needs time to destory defenses..which is why they lost against chargers and 49ers..dominate pass rush with more then 1 guy..and a front line who can sack without the blitz…I saw deebo take that checkdown against us and he was gone..all I could think was…why can’t we have that

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