Falcons Big Man Catches Tampa Off Guard – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Falcons Big Man Catches Tampa Off Guard

Backup right tackle Ty Sambrailo reports as eligible and gets open for the 35-yard touchdown catch. The Atlanta Falcons take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Josue Tejada

Seeing a big man Touchdown makes me happy


    Josue Tejada yea seeing men with big dicks getting touchdowns warms my heart

    Zac Whiddon

    Spartacus what did your parents teach you!?

    Ryan Flores

    Josue Tejada Big man touchdowns are always one of the best parts & fun part about the NFL.

Stan ezen

Falcons rise up!!! Where my falcons fans at!??!


    Right here

    Zac Whiddon

    Rise up! Falcons fan from orlando Florida!

    Broke Playz

    I’m a born and raise in Atlanta go Atlanta hawks go Atlanta falcons go Atlanta braves


    Stan ezen right here #riseup

    Mike With the Sauce

    Y’all losing


sexy af

    Zac Whiddon

    Core wtf🤣

Dönkë BossMaine

Got em back for vita Vea TD 🤣

Jose Sanchez

I love it when big men have a touchdown.


    But when do you see a o lineman score on a near 50 catch?

freddy and foxy

This is history because this is longest reception tounch down by any o line man

    Zac Whiddon

    freddy and foxy I read this as they said it on the tv.., mind blown

    freddy and foxy

    @Zac Whiddon they really said that

    Zac Whiddon

    freddy and foxy yep

JD Mattox

O line=underrated

    Robert Boucher Jr.

    Sambraillo is garbage though

    Stutter of the House

    Falcons offensive line is garbage. Even the statistics show they can’t help run the ball or pass protect consistently.

    Stutter of the House

    @Robert Boucher Jr. Very much..

    Robert Boucher Jr.

    @Stutter of the House he gave up like 10 sacks every game on the broncos lmao I hated him so much

    JD Mattox

    Robert Boucher Jr. I mean like other teams o line

Zac Whiddon

He is getting a tight end card on team of the week in madden next week. Tell me if u understand this reference

    Wavy Crockett

    Only mut players will understand 😂😂😂


He’s rumblin bubblin stumblin lets go big fella!!!

Ernest Brown2

This i a sign good things to come 2020 rise up!

Robert Briggs

Did what they did to us, first time we played this season. That’s how they beat us. How bout that slap to the face back? Hahah suckers lol


I was at the Falcons game last week. Every other play the umpire would announce that “Number 74 reported eligible.” Guess they finally threw to him

Like who are you?

Big man Touchdown baby! 😂


Love it



Daniel Martinez

Putting on for the 831 👍🏾👌🏾

Mr Slate

It’s Jameis Winston fault

Ryan Flanagan


AlbertThePro 40

Omg there’s is no one at the Tampa staidiam

Zachary Flynn

When an incomplete pass is called on the field as a fumble 😂😂😂

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