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Tony Canaris

Best running back a recieve passes in NFL.. reminds me of my son Ezekiel.

Snoop Brown

Y’all start celebrating too early… The game ain’t over until it’s over… Jus stay humble & win… The rams showed tf out last week y’all gone have 2 play play…


    Snoop Brown they losing again. They’ll win the last 2

Meredith ‘G’ Whiting

Y’all need to play sum damn ball we got to much talent it’s gonna be a dog 🐕 fight



    The offense is OK at times…. but the defense is atrocious. But as everyone knows, anything can happen in the millennial era NFL.🏈


Can’t blame Zeke if they tryna make Dak throw the ball 45 times a game


    Smack Ish most backs with 100
    Yard games have 20 or more carries wat are u talking about lol u sound dumb

    clifford mckinley

    Smack ish he has less Carriies at this point in the year, offense line is not as dominant and still has over 1000 yds and top 5 in rushing, this team has sacrificed the team success to show that dak can carry this team and currently we sit at 6-7 zeke getting the ball 12-15 times a game is not helping him get in a rhythm, zeke is a rhythm back who gets stronger as the game goes on. With dak throwing more and the team trailing big in games it limits his opportunities for explosive plays cause a good chunk of his explosive plays come in later part of the game when they are worn down from him running the ball. But hey you see the game different


    clifford mckinley thank you last year when they fed Zeke we went to playoffs

    clifford mckinley

    @Trillcity922ify hey man I’m a huge fan of this team and i know this team was built on the run but trying to switch up to passing the ball more and that’s hurting us with time of possession and having defense on the field more and being exploited like it has been this whole year. I’m not saying that Zeke is the end all be all but this team needs to be more balanced than it has this year.


    clifford mckinley the offense runs thru Zeke no matter what that’s why we losing cuz they tryna make it run thru Dak

Jeoux P. Regen

Zeke The Freak.. We need them big yards.


LOOKS lifeless.

IsReal 777

Finish the FIGHT Boyz… ignore the outside and let’s go on this run….

    Youtube censors My comments

    They suck 25 years

Bryan Chavez

nobody seems to wanna be there 🧐

    Brian Daniel

    That’s only in your head


    They probably don’t. They are 6-7 and have the worst coaches in the league. They know they have no chance in the playoffs. They are probably ready to get the season over with.

Wilson Luna

Zeke is a baller he always show up on Sundays lets go!!

    John Ash

    What games you been watching he doesnt show up every week. Misses all kinds of running lanes and looks slow as hell compared to the last few years.

Kou Tokisaka

Alright if the cowboys are lucky they should only lose by 21 points

    Peter Serrano

    haha good one

Simone Lott

Zeke tell Dak to give you the ball. More

lisa colon

Let’s play like we played Saints and we get a W

    Zika Babies

    ya lets score 10 points and lose, good game plan.


He’s Definitely no enmitt smith. Don’t recall emitt going through this with the cowboys. Zeke is more of a Herschel Walker. A pro bowler that can be traded for a ton of picks.

Sunshine B

Y’all need to be ready, eye of the tiger!!!!!!

    Ali Muhammad

    An u my bae

Trojan Hell

Garrett needs to figure something out for ZEKE , our bum a@@ offense line can’t make holes , they RARELY make holes in center they just not strong enough …..

We need to play more SCREEN plays , just like VIKINGS did against DALLAS defense …. screen plays are really hard to stop and they end up giving your RB more yards to gain in end ….

All up in the videos....

At this point, it ain’t nothing else to say. Just play, and see how it goes.

AJ's World

I just love how he looks like he just woke up. 😁 that’s my bae! 😍😘

Rizzo Aristotle

They got to find ways to give Zeke the ball more effectively we jump the gun early with this kellen Moore offense

Jerry Junior

C’mon guys, PLEASE beat the Rams 🙏🏾

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