Ezekiel Elliott: I Know His Toughness | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ezekiel Elliott: I Know His Toughness | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Running back Ezekiel Elliott is confident Dak Prescott will be able to play Sunday against the Eagles.

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Cc _play2win

JUST FEED Zeke and we will Win

    Giffond Hall

    and pollard

    Mr Coolstevie

    We just need the line to hold

    Hoyt M

    We need cooper zeke Pollard dak and every one else to ball out vs the eagles

    Chaotic exnii

    Cc _play2win amen


They need some plays with zeke, pollard, austin and jarwin all on the field at the same time. Moore need to get creative

    Moises Guevara

    u forgot cooper

    Ernest Aleman

    I agree. But with Garrett still imprinted on the offensive schemes, creativity is almost certainly not going to happen. If it does, in week 15 it won’t work….needed to be in all year. Minimal gains bc guys just aren’t used to creativity. Sad.

    Big D & Dudley tv

    Kellen has gotten creative we’ve seen the only problem is when they do things that work they change the plans the next week.

    Jon Parks


Fredrick Drones

Take a shot every time he says um

    Chris Morrell

    Fredrick Drones drunk



Stage Bandit

If the o line dominates eagles d line we will win

    Paul Tomlin

    Yes. But that is easier said than done.


Uh oh zeke feels good at the end of the season 🤫🤫😬😬😬


We got this EASY #CowboysNation


Dak is fine we jus taking precautions #CowboysNation

Kevin David

Yes run the ball,he’ll they have the biggest line in football


The run game gets going when Dak gets going. When he starts to scramble and all… let’s go and stomp out these eagles


Yo Zeke, i need yall 2 win the game point blank & period ya dig? GO COWBOYS

Tony Canaris

Pollard and Ezekiel on the field at same time will drive defenses crazy. Ezekiel wears down Defenses.

    Jimmy Cline

    Two headed monster!

Tony Canaris

Best Back in Football . My son name is Ezekiel too Ezekiel canaris Fuentes.

Izak H

Zeke and pollard need 25 touches each this game. If that happens, the w is a guarantee!

    pep 7200

    So dumb..lol..nobody in the nfl woukd win that way..so many fans r assinine and dont know ish about the game


    @pep 7200 no zeke needs about 20-25 pollard needs about 5-10

Eddie V

Well maybe we need more LCs on this Team.
Physical players who hit folks in the mouth as often as possible.

Paul Tomlin

Along with the O line making holes for Zeke, the defense better learn how to defend the screens. Philly will screen you to death.


    Paul Tomlin 37-10 beatdown last time. Sure they know what Philly likes to do lol

Cathy Leatherman

Dak is one tough guy … miss a game I don’t think so

Jim H

These reporters act like Zeke is a doctor.

Daniel Rodriguez

Cowboys Interview:
Zeke: “umm”
Dez: “umm”
Dak: “uhh yeah”

Am I the only one who notices this?

    Giselle Sanchez

    Daniel Rodriguez no I notice too 😂

    Two Timez

    I’ve noticed this for years. They’re washed up lmao look at how they all spoke when they were all rookies or second year players compared to now 😂

    Eduardo Levy

    It gives them time to think


Start feeding pollard too! He’s shifty and breaks away. Zeke just needs to wear them down.

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