Exclusive Ravens Game Preview w/ Freddie Kitchens | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Exclusive Ravens Game Preview w/ Freddie Kitchens | Cleveland Browns

Nathan Zegura interviews Head Coach Freddie Kitchens about the upcoming matchup with the Baltimore Ravens. Freddie discusses what he's seen in the Ravens since the week 4 matchup, how Lamar Jackson has progressed and what the team needs to do to defeat the Ravens.

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Arnold Davis

Ravens 48 browns 9 Freddy can’t be a play caller

Mr Fortney

Ravens 51 Browns 13 👌🏽

drummerdude 199

Fire Freddie


Proud of my Ravens, but the Browns have 80k more subscribers? Yikes.

Aaron Gossage

You lose.

Antonio Patriarca

Hey Freddie Kitchens please blitz your defense you guys need to win out

Austin Miller

If the browns can do absolutely everything to win this football game and play as a team and not turn the ball over force turnovers especially by Joe schobert and be more efficient in the red zone and if Baker doesn’t see anyone to throw to he needs to run the football himself the browns should win by six Browns 26 Ravens 20 if not Ravens 46 Browns 14 and kitchens should be fired

guud zucc Raven

Is it just me or did they just praise the ravens for the whole video ….. Go ravens 43-14

Bam Bam

The fix is in the ref will help Ravens lose so the pat gets home feild

Gemma Diva

I am tired of being angry after watching ANOTHER Browns debacle. Fire the idiot’s who have no clue how to win. How is it other teams make basic plays look so easy and we can’t figure out how not commit penalties?

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