Exclusive Interview w/ Paul DePodesta | Cleveland Browns Daily – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Exclusive Interview w/ Paul DePodesta | Cleveland Browns Daily

Browns Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta joins the show to discuss the hiring of Kevin Stefanski, the team’s search for a general manager and more.

Cleveland Browns Daily is hosted by Browns senior media broadcaster Nathan Zegura and Emmy award-winner Beau Bishop. It offers comprehensive coverage and analysis of the team both on and off the field, broadcast directly from the Browns’ facilities. The live stream is presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Jimmy G

I don’t like this guy. Bring back Dorsey.

    Lawrence Day

    And Freddie Kitchen’s?


These guys are talking like we dont fire and hire and coach every year.

Fanny Buster

Has anyone been wondering how they are going to blow the 10th pick in the upcoming draft..


    By not picking an OT.


    I still remember when they drafted a kicker in round 5 last year, and no lie because they liked the “noise the ball made when he kicked it” …that’s surely a great way to draft lol being the Browns…watch them grab Tua, and ship Baker off lol


    @alwaysreturnNurgirl I’m prepared for disaster scenarios and am already less interested in this season than I’ve ever been in 21 years, but that’s not ever possible.


    AkioAkemi unless they can get a proven elite OT in fa then pick up grant Delpit


    @AkioAkemi yeah I feel you…I’m wondering who’s going to be dealt for draft picks…and what busts are we going to draft this year lol

Douglas Ernst

Lol look how many people that played football that stunk .

Dmayro Beard

If they don’t bring Berry back. At least he is a ivy league person that knows about player’s n football…

    Matt Oneil

    Are you insinuating that DePodesta doesn’t know football? If so, he played D1 football.

    Dmayro Beard

    @Matt Oneil Naw. Im just want them to get it right. Im ready 2 see playoff football in energy stadium for the AFC Championship… Its been time for it. If any real Cleveland Ohio fan know the truth we was the Patriots or Yankees of Football. Always. Playing for a Championship.. Even before Mr Model moved us. We was always one or two games away from the Super Bowl. It’s Time to get back to that format… The Kardiac Kid’s


Turn up your microphones

Joshua De Laet

I have a Cleveland tattoo. And I’m about to take an iron to it.

Jason Somrak

The browns way? Does he mean losing, chaos and internal discord?

cold spring

shocked these three are not jumping around with pom poms. same lame spin


Truly something special 😆🙏
Enjoy the ride.

Jesse Warshak

Draft/sign some olineman please


    I think they know that

perry montuori


    tommy estepp

    perry montuori Yea I have been also for 30+ years. The past 10 yrs I have followed every game all articles CBD when it first came on till now every day listener not counting breaking down draft following every player. Yea Die Hard fan here. Last year was the most pumped I’ve ever been, Even had my kids believers,Then the first game happened!!! The Official’s killed our Rookie HC!!!! Player’s got fined for playing hard ect. Game by Game after you see the player’s giving up. NFL is a scam!!! It’s Official’s continues to control outcomes of game’s or make huge in game crucial drives penalties to change momentum. I say Ol Haslem to be owner agreed to be a FarmTeam Organization to Hire new coach’s bring in different coordinators getting Draft picks to learn different schemes while their here and FA the ones that’s hurt bring em in couple years fix em up let them play half way till find a fit for them. Yea sorry to bust your bubble. Some fans actually see’s what’s really going on. It’s all bout control. NFL is a Fraud!!! If it wasent. The Haslem’s wild not be owners of the Cleveland Browns!!!!!

    Frank Incorvaia

    I’m with you 1000%. I stick with them always. They’re going to get it together this coming year. Mayfield is definitely the guy. Best we’ve had since Bernie. Watch him grow into a super star.

Joshüa 115

Lol Cleveland fans don’t like smart people

Jason Dee

We hear this same crap over and over and over and over. Dorsey was the man ! Losing Dorsey is critical. Depodesta isn’t football smart. Period.

    Andy Beenframed

    Exactly how I feel.

    Beau Polcen

    Yeah…he hired Freddie. He was the man lmao

    Matt Oneil

    Even though he played D1 football lol

    Jason Dee

    @Matt Oneil lol. Umm yeah. Lol.
    Even tho he played D1 football lol.

Jason Dee

A Madden game player could manage and coach this team better. Believe that !! Ugh

    Flat Earth Vegan Conspiracy Theorist

    Jason Dee interesting considering Stefanski hasn’t coached a game, and DePodesta hasn’t picked a coach…

Jacob K

WTF when did their studio get upgraded!??

Mark Wood

8:08 exponentially the growth is much faster the first 2 years, Mayfield & Chubb hitting their 3rd year.


Damn this interview is as loud as the Browns stadium in the 4th quarter


Beau try breathing when you talk 😂

Scott Miller

“Collective” has replaced “Collaborative”

Also Bo n Nathan seemed nervous…c’mon man

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