Every Touchdown from the 2019 Season | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Every Touchdown from the 2019 Season | Raiders

Take a look back and relive all the touchdowns from the Raiders' 2019 season.

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Arjun Akella

All I can do is imagine what if they had a WR1.

    Nathan yeeyee

    Arjun Akella yeeyee



    Is He Izzy


    Kai Szillat

    And Mayock and Gruden had actually planned it that way.
    All I hope is that AB has recognized by now what he did. He could have been playing in the playoffs right now. Plus all the money he let go…

    Zach Chavet

    @Is He Izzy lol


I thought that there would be more

    Hawaii Ball Express

    ONFP Highlights If Raiders had brown they’d AT LEAST go 10-6 those close games they lost but other easier games due to dropped passes it could’ve been 12-4 tbh

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Raider Junkie Yup if it wasn’t for that Jacksonville game that Raiders lost 🤦🏾‍♂️ RAIDERS WOULD’VE BEAT THE PATRIOTS TOO


    We were one of the worst teams when it came to scoring points

    Raider Junkie

    @Storm Gruden played wayyy too conservative if he wants Carr to be the leader he has to allow him to open the playbook up man…. If it wasn’t for that 3 game slide we would of been in it right now

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Storm raiders were projected to only have 3-4 wins and they could’ve had a 9-7 record 🤷🏾‍♂️ imagine if they had a number one receiver

Andrew Johnson

Raider nation

ONFP Highlights

Vegas here we come!

lebron james

next year this video better be 15 minutes.


    Knock on wood if you’re with me!

    Eric Zarate

    I saw 7 minutes, I thought “ONLY 7 minutes”.

Phenomenal C

It was a fun year way better than last year add a number 1 receiver to this offense and our offense will be dominant in the league next season add pieces to this defense and we should at least be decent with stopping the run and not letting offenses convert on long plays the future is bright it’s a brand new fresh start for the Raiders here we come LV

    Joshua scott

    We need more than. A number 1 wr we need more good wrs

    Kai Szillat

    @Joshua scott Williams is a solid #2 and Renfrow is already a good slot reiceiver who should be even better next season.
    I say draft a WR with our 1st pick and use the other picks on defense.

    Aaron Serna

    Kai Szillat we need to get CeeDee Lamb 6’2 200 pounds who can run every single route, break tackles, and take it to the house from anywhere on the field and then get a MLB with sideline to sideline speed

    Kai Szillat

    @Aaron Serna Lamb looks great. MLB is a good choice too. We should draft a corner and a FS also though. Imagine how much better our passrush will be if we are able to cover opponents WRs just half a second longer.

Isabella Rodriguez


    Jesus Galindo

    Hi baby girl im always running into your comments

Jared Aldan


Randy Rodriguez

Let’s make next years video even longer!!!

Darth Plagueis the wise

Great team


Get Derek some Real talent and this video next year will have to be uploaded in 2 parts!
Las Vegas, Let’s Go Raiders!!!!

Sabs 88

Can’t wait for the new era I get to experience sucks it’s not in okland but the new stadium and players actually wanting to play for us now ! Is gonna be real different

Alex Alaniz

You guys shouldve added the Renfrow and Ingold Touchdowns from the last game cause we all know those were TD’s

    Robert Jackman


Dominic Manalang

Don’t give away the Raiders Qb Carr is the future 2019 was a step up raiders are lethal with carr


Let’s make it 10 minutes next year ☠️

Jason Crawford

I get chills and get positively hopeful when that music comes on at the end of each video. Awesome music! I love the Raiders!

Zach Carpenter

DC deserves one more chance

Alejandro Muñoz

Not enough damn touchdowns men cmon let’s improve 👌🏽

Patrick Howe

Carr with with a #1 WR to add to Renfro and Waller. Will be fun. Most of all if the D steps up and is a top 10 group they will make the playoffs.

Sleepy Af

Next season can we get at least a 10 min video

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