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Who agrees with me that the Bengals will beat the Redskins in the super bowl?


    Maybe in the terri-bowl

    crackhead spongebob

    @Brandon Thornton r/wooosh

    tj byrd

    As a skin’s fan probobally

    PGD Panda

    crackhead spongebob delete your comment

    avery york

    Agreeeeee 100%

WTD Productions

you forgot a few words in the title there

edit: they finally fixed it


    WTD Productions yup


    Thanks, Sherlock

Orbitz _

Only OGs remember when the title says ” Every teams best play decade “


    Or most 15 y.o.s

    David Williams

    We don’t have lifes

    Prince The Knight

    I’m og

Joel Koffi

Who else click to see beast mode 👋🏽

Joel Koffi

Who else click to see beast mode 👋🏽


    Joel Koffi those beastquakes were something else, and I’m a pats fan lol

    Dman Sniperboy

    Joel Koffi not meeeeee

    Tom the Fish

    I immediately thought to myself it better be a beast quake for the hawks lol 💚💙


Title is like flight reacts trying to read😂😂

    Donovan Broadway

    Maurice513 😂😂😂😂


    Maurice513 damn bro chill 🤣🤣🤣

    King_J0natha N

    I’m gone😂💀


That’s the Raiders best play of the decade? lol. I thought it would be Terrelle Pryor’s 93 yard TD run.


    Elijah Chaney no it was in like 2011-2012


    But the int was because Al Davis died yesterday, so they needed to win. It was a heartbreaking win, that’s why it’s up there

    Elijah Chaney

    2013. My bad

    Matt Edwards

    That’s what I thought it’d be too. Disappointed with a lot of the choices here honestly..

    Check please Ooo

    Hylightz ok it was a great win but not the best play at all

Aze Syther

You already know Lynch has to be the thumbnail 💪🏽🔥

Jelly Fam

you know your teams bad when their best play of the decade is a 7 yard td

    Lone Star

    Quit sneak dissin, they had greater plays

    Bucs fan 20

    Jets best

    Andrew Lewis

    NFL is trying to fuse the best plays and the most important plays into a single category. There’s enough videos on meaningless highlights (which I watch nearly every day, so I definitely don’t hate those),
    Malcolm Butler’s goal line interception wasn’t the Pats best play, nor was Tebow’s TD pass in OT — but they held importance in context.

    This holds no importance, and I’m not sure why I wrote it.

“Get off me!” He says to Tracy Porter

    CMBurnette4 •

    • GO HAWKS!

    Ali Alshami

    • lol I’ve seen that so many times I was commentating over it

    Brayden Blomquist

    LOL ur profile pic makes this even better


The title makes me question life itself.

BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu

They really put a 12 yard run for Cam Newton in a game that was already won instead of the 72 yard TD run vs Atlanta in 2012. Smh.

    Matt Harkreader

    Agreed, they just put a bunch of buzzer beaters here and not actually the best plays


    Or Jacoby Jones 109 yard td in the superbowl

    zane brown

    focused200 jacobys td catch in Denver was the best

Brandon Hahn

Oakland’s best play is so sad😭

Christopher Sampson

When your teams best play of the decade is a 1 yard QB sneak.. lols #detroit

    Redsox Films

    When’s the last time you won a super bowl…………oh sorry NEVER


    It’s cuz it was a fake spike i guess

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Redsox Films crying tears of joy

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Redsox Films I’ll be back Saturday I bet you won’t reply if they lose you’ll make excuses about refs or luck or something then brag about past Super Bowls and say you don’t care and blah blah blah

jamanuel dickerson

The Seahawks play at the 1 yard line will haunt me forever and I’m not a Seattle or New England fan

CMBurnette4 •

Nobody knows the chills I get when I hear “Get off me, he says to Tracy Porter!” But also the feeling of us not running on the… never mind

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Literally the same with me and Larry Fitzgerald’s huge superbowl 43 TD…. only for Holmes’s miracle catch to ruin that

    CMBurnette4 •

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Yeah true

Aaron Beaulieu

The Bengals best play of the decade coming in a game they ultimately lost might be the most Bengals thing ever

Sam M

When you can’t be bothered to type “of the”.


“Every Team’s Best Play Decade!”
Somebody’s son did the title.

    Ben Koskie

    obviously lol


That derrick henry 99 yard TD run is just crazy.

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