EVERY Single Eli Manning Touchdown | New York Giants Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
It Doesn’t M.A.D.A

All I know is that this is going be looooong

Drippie Juice

Thank you Eli for the hard work and Championships you have gave us I hope you comeback as a coach😪😪🤧

Bryce Allen

My hero Eli Manning we love you and we appreciate everything you have done for us be safe old freind #ThankYouEli


Thank you Eli. Best giants quarterback ever

    Chris A

    Yes, way more clutch than Phil.

    Israel Davis

    benfootballbeast Ever !!!!

Patrick Lawlor

This is amazing

Lil Robux

I will watch this entire video.

you call that sportz

I will always remember eli as a complete inspiration on my life.

Seikou Sawaneh

That’s my quarterback Elite manning 💯

Jordan Braun

Thank you and congrats on a great career Eli! A spot in Canton awaits!

Damian Vazquez

Are there any other sickos that remember almost every single one of these like me ?

Thank you Eli, you’ve brought Giants fans more happiness than you know


    Damian Vazquez me🤕 he raised a whole generation of giants fans

    SamyBigBlue 919

    Yurd. I’m one of them….im as old as his nfl career. My first game of football that i watched was super bowl 46 as a giants fan.

    Supreme 12860

    True Blue Giants fans since the Days of Larry Csonka & Joe Pisarchek days.
    Thank you Eli Manning.
    Next stop Canton Ohio
    NFL Hall Of Fame.
    To Join Lawrence Taylor, Michael Strachan, Harry Carson, Frank Gifford, Roosevelt Brown, Emlen Tunell and other Giants players.

    Edward Fights

    Lol I remember the ones vs Arizona 2005 clear as day

Jazz Valentino

This is bringing back memories as I’m watching & no question, it’ll bring myriads of memories every time I watch it.
Amazing extensive work on this vid. But no doubt I’m gonna miss Easy-E…& quite honestly, I miss him already.
And TBH, it hit me when I read the notification that he’s decided to say so long, farewell & hasta la vista to this amazing game.
Thank You for the blood, sweat & tears & for giving us 2 gritty unforgettable championships…..
Last & def not least, for being a Class Act & An Absolute True Giant Through & Through….Godspeed E! 🙏🏼

Damian Vazquez

People can say whatever they want about Eli, but he played LIGHTS OUT when it mattered most.

If not for Eli , Tom has 8 rings.


    and we would have nothing to show for this century as giants fans without him

    Chris A

    Yes, postseason, Eli was clutch….like you said(when it mattered)👍


    2nd round Hall of Fame.

    Matthew Arndt

    @TheSaintFrenzy first round


    @Matthew Arndt If Kurt Warner ( 1 time SB champion, 3 appearances in the SB, 2 Time MVP) didn’t get into the HOF until round 3, Eli would be lucky to get in in round 2.

Talha 10

Just watched the whole vid what a legend

Logan Cheese

Cruz, Nicks, and Manningham were dirty when they were together.


Glad I can watch this instead of paying attention in school tomorrow 😃 thank you Eli. Forever my favorite player.

Aadi Shah

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”~ Dr.Seuss

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Aadi Shah we can do both, Dr. Seuss

    Diane Simeon

    That made me cry harder!!!!!!!!

    Ambassador Scorpio


    bruce lau

    Aadi Shah absolutely love that . Excellent

Cameron Hallihan

Doctor: you have 1 hour to live

Supreme 12860

Thank you Eli Manning for 15 fantastic Sunday’s win lose or draw, 2 Superboel championships, 2 superbowl MVP &
The New York Giants Beat Tom Brady & The Patriots twice in his prime.2007 & 2011
Thank you Eli Manning for being a great Giant.


Whenever Bob Papa says “Touchdown Giants,” i get chills


Thank you Eli for all you did. Congrats on a great Hall of Fame career, 2 Super Bowl victories and 2 Súper bowl MVP’s. Most importantly, congrats and THANK YOU for beating the undefeated Pats, then rubbing salt in their wounds 4 years later by beating them yet again. Their souls will be haunted by you forever and us New Yorkers couldn’t be more proud of you and your accomplishments! Thank you! #Eli #Class #Giants #HallOfFame

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