End-of-season press conference: Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jackson Bates Reply

Rise Up! Julio the best!

BlitzMoney Reply

Let’s #RiseUp in 2020

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    We won’t. It’s going to be like this year…..trust me

Rodney Watkins Reply

Dirk needs to be more creative in both running and passing game.

Beatbythebooke - Reply

#RiseUp is matty ice staying next year I’ve heard rumors of him getting traded

    Tidy On Combat Reply

    Beatbythebooke – yea he is

    Burgess Cody Jr Reply

    He should be making to much 💰 that money can be spread around to sign Hooper bring in some super talent instead of washed up ppl like Allen bailey

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    Hope so

    Get’em Gutta Reply

    Where you hear that bullshit! That man has a franchise tag on him! Where do y’all come up with these accusations

chester mays Reply

Alright falcons I need a top 5 defense next season

    D Sizzle Reply

    wow could you imagine how good we’d be if we actually had a dominant defense like SF? I hope they can do it

    hilyfe01 Reply

    Didn’t we have a top 10 Defense as far as the 2nd half only

C Reply

Boy am I glad this season is over !

B Strong Reply

I think they should let Mike Malarkey or Gregg Knapp get more involved in the run schemes. It would probably help.

Jojo23 Reply

Get a game changing running back.

    Ben Solo Reply

    Need to sign Gerald McCoy or Suh in free agency and draft a CB

    Kevin Randolph Reply

    Well it helps to have NFL level lineman blocking for him. The guy has to dodge 6 people as soon as gets the hand-off

    Drum Corps Central Reply

    Devante isn’t really the problem, he can still improve, but the OL needs to be much better for him to even have a chance. We need to focus on controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball

Krywan King Reply

Pass rushers please 🤔🤔🤔

Lil Muzy Reply

if Dirk comes back just dont even look to make playoffs

    Isaiah FromdaA Reply

    Lil Muzy ong 🗣

jdmoody22 Reply

DLED needs to report for another team ,I’ve heard his phone interviews on XM RADIO he is never for the Falcons, dude is nothing but negative!!!

    Ethan Lilley Reply

    Why wouldn’t he be?

    hilyfe01 Reply


Dietrich Reid Reply

Need a franchise running back and more focus on a running game. Defensive tackle And bigger safeties.

Phillip Smith Reply

Dear Coach Quinn,

Please figure this sh!t out in preseason like other contenders. Thanks for getting our team competitive once the games no longer mattered. I can’t take this incompetent passive aggressive bs for another season. It’s like a guy who gets thoroughly trashed by another guy in a bar fight, and wanting to fight the guy again once the other guy has left the bar.

Brandon Dawson Reply

Let’s come back strong next year dirty birds glad you are back as our coach Dan Quinn. You are a great coach teacher mentor and role model as well I’m glad TD is back as well take care of Hooper and devandre Campbell bring back Vic Beasely. Let’s bring the whole squad back and try again make a few changes and do good in the draft

Teri E Reply

Can you make everyone happy? Nope.

Byron Jones Reply

Watch them go an draft 2 wr.
I have no faith in these two rt here.

Byron Jones Reply

TD said make some good decisions lol, since when!! Well we know TD has a good sense of humor. Ha!

hilyfe01 Reply

DLed gone mess around and get beat up

ray jay Reply

These guys are gonna do a great job we looking forward to the new administration

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