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Thomas Latimer

Wish we had Better coaches

SOD CheezeWiz

I don’t know why you even posted this. Eli Manning was the only one that played football in that game with the exceptions of Darius Slayton and Marcus Golden, but the loss is going to be blamed on him. The giants have to be one of the worst teams that has ever been seen in the past 30 years. And as a giants fan, the coaching, o-line, and entire defense besides maybe 3-4 people need to be cut and upgraded. I mean, Eli Manning has the ball for most of the first half, and he dominates, 17-3. In the second half, he barely touches the ball, because of the god-awful defense, and when he does, he’s getting sacked every damn play. The second half performance was just pathetic, the coaching is nothing more than miserable, and I don’t know why I thought we had a chance of winning tonight.

    Andrew Sherman

    same i thought the same

    Tre Williams

    SOD CheezeWiz Asinine that loss can’t be blamed on Eli Manning he played well 🔥❤️💯

    J Silva

    Coming from a Broncos fan, Eli got screwed. He deserves better, he should be over .500 but now he has a losing record.theyre gonna waste Barkley’s prime.


Slayton is the truth

Nugget Rodriguez

If only we had better coaching staff 😔


Giants played a damn good first half. Par for the course. Fire the whole team.

Charles Martel

O line SUBPAR, period, the defense was ok.


Can we send Shurmer and Co. To the unemployment offi e already…god damn

Charles Martel



Who hired this guy

Christopher Manno

Eli never should have been benched. The Giants should have addressed the offensive line problem yrs ago.

Ben Bass

This team is so lost. I wonder how long the losing streak will go on for..

Dennis Rivenburg

Poor Eli going to wear the poop crown again.

Thomas Callahan

Much different season if he started all the games.

    Nick Bodale

    FACTS! especially in this crappy division, they could be in playoff contention

Andrew Sherman


    Nick Bodale

    Will he start next week?

Tre Williams

ELI Manning Is the man Had 2 Touchdowns he wasn’t the reason giants lost 💯


Why does Eli Never get the respect he deserves? Carson Wentz gets a 6 minute highlight video while Eli gets a barely 2 minute video. He lost, but even when he wins he goes unnoticed

Brendan McCallion

Happy for Eli despite the loss.


Eli has more superbowl wins then carson wentz has playoff wins


I swear stop using Jackrabbit to blitz, the only way to have a db blitz work is if you have a elite linebacker who can cover tight ends and second level RBs in the option run. Eli did what he has always done, be good with the ball and knowing the defense, could play a few more years and superbowls if he had an elite defense and a stable Oline just like Peyton in Denver. Still haven’t had the complete day one team we need to win, Julian Love looking like a solid pick with some of his sideline speed.

Draft priorities should be linebacker(if Bettcher is fired and we switch back to a 4-3 than Defensive end) Oline and maybe tall WR with good hands with the first few picks.

David Reeves

Eli the man

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