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Red Rooster

The second greatest player in franchise history means alot. Glad I still have my original #10 jersey


    Yeah LT is undeniably #1 and changed the entire NFL forever. I’m lucky to have watched all 4 SB victories and it wouldn’t have happened without both these men.

    Ian Jones

    @Dzo one hater


    Red Rooster whose first?


    @daddy Lawrence Taylor

    Jonathan King

    amitj78 Lord knows LT had his demons but my god nothing could stop that man on a football field.


His career 16 year career matched his playing style. The highs where really high and the lows where horrible……no in-between. No mediocrity.

We all remember the great games. San Francisco in the playoffs, the two Superbowl wins.

We all remember how many times he would throw those “wtf” interceptions.

It was a emmotional rollercoaster and I wouldn’t change a thing for the world.

    Robert Sam

    Jeff Smith you forgot the stat of 2 Super Bowl wins

    Benny Wave

    His 8 – 3 playoff record, 2 – 0 NFC Championship Game record and 2 – 0 Super Bowl record gets him in the Hall easily

    King Landomidas

    Jeff Smith ok fagass

JK Clumsy

Boys cry during sad movies, men cry when legends come to an end. Thank you Eli Manning.

    Brandon :D

    Dude isnt a legend.. Just some HgH pumping faggit.

    Jeff Smith

    Eli Manning’s TD-INT ratio of 1.73-1 and QB rating of 87.5 aren’t really that impressive, but I guess he’s a hall of famer…

    Just kidding. He has a ratio of 1.5 and rating of 84.1.

    The previous ratio and rating actually belong to Andy Dalton.

    Get the out of here.

    Logan Hallihan

    Jeff Smith shut up already

    Chris Windham

    Brandon πŸ˜€ again, did somebody upset you?


Thanks Eli, it was a pleasure watching your 16 years as a Giant…..this overseas English scouse Giants fan of 34 years from Liverpool salutes you Sir πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Kush Master

Remember Giants fans Eli Manning did it his way thank you Eli for all the Great memories πŸ†πŸ† 🐐

    Jonathan King

    Kush Master what i love about that is there’s actually a compilation on yt for Eli where the song that plays during it had the lyric β€˜i did it my way’ maybe Eli saw it🧐

Carlos Lopez

Eli- Wellington Mara used to say, β€œOnce a Giant, always a Giant.” For me,
it’s ONLY A GIANT πŸ’―πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
Thank you for everything Eli 🐐

    Ronnie B

    Carlos Lopez yeah we heard that


    That choked me up.

    Ladell P

    Oh yeah…. That got me too. That caught me off guard.

CJ Hopkins

the one person who disliked this video… well that was tom brady πŸ˜‚

    Nick Hill

    @Daniel Guel
    Haha yes and maybe Tiki Barber.
    They did win the sb a year after he retired.

    Escapes IV

    or his son

    Nick Hill

    @Escapes IV
    Haha yes

    Ladell P

    @Nick Hill Dislikes are up to 12. I’m just going to have to run down the gambit on the entire Patriots organization. Brady or Kraft put the word out.

    Nick Hill

    @Ladell P
    Haha yes your right.


Eli 3:16 means I whooped brady’s hiney twice.

    L. Cruces

    And that’s the bottom line, because Easy E did so!

Gabriel Sanchez

We going to miss you. Believe in Eli I always did..

Zoey Jafferally

Omfg so sad and so emotional. Thank you so very much for everything you have done Eli Manning for my team. You will always be missed and loved by many. Remember (“ONCE A GIANTS ALWAYS A GIANTS”) I FREAKING LOVE YOU MAN!!!! #TEAMNEWYORKGIANTS #BIGBLUE #GMEN #GIANTSNATION #WEBLEEDBLUE….. πŸˆπŸ‰πŸˆπŸ‰πŸˆπŸ‰πŸˆ

    Gary Gaston

    Thank you for everything Eli! You will be missed and I appreciate everything you did for our New York Football Giants!πŸ†πŸˆπŸ†


Congratulations ELi you did the damn thing 16 years of putting in work 2super bowls 2mvps always straight up wither it was good or bad thank you champ next up the hall of fame induction enjoy life peace.ooh I forgot the 2012 nfc championship game in San Francisco you showed so much toughness under duress against that tough defense taking hit after hit but still getting up and slinging that 🏈 getting us to the super bowl then throwing that dime to manningham to me the best pass I’ve seen in a super bowl 🏟 thank you again had to add that.


42 46…..YOU DID IT E!

    Jeff Smith

    Giants defense beat Brady not Eli

    Jordan Sawaged

    Jeff Smith it’s a TEAM effort. who drove them down the field? who escaped pressure and threw it to tyree? the defense? yeah, ok.

    THE 911 GT3 LIFE

    Jeff Smith

    Jeff go to time out!!!

    THE 911 GT3 LIFE

    Jordan Sawaged

    Jordan pay no mind thats the result of someones parents being cousins!!!

    Steve P

    Brady’s kryptonite.


What a bitter sweet this week has been! First Jeter get’s elected as a first ballot HoF and the future HoF Eli is retiring! Jeter and Eli had a lot in common, both classy individuals, amazing human beings, and best of all they are both winners! Champions! Thank you Eli!!

    Rutik Patel

    Joe that’s faxs. Both of them never got in trouble off the field. They always were class acts and world champs. It’s a NY thing I guess lmao


    Rutik Patel blessed that both of them played for my fave teams!


You made the Giants fun to watch. Thank you Eli for all the great nail-biting memories.


Wow the end of an era. I’m gonna miss seeing number 10 on the field, Thank you for everything Eli Manning.


Mara almost cried lol just let it out man!πŸ˜‚

Tedd Jasiczek

I’ll do my best to attend the game at Metlife where Eli gets into the Ring of Honor.

    Chris Windham

    Brandon πŸ˜€ somebody upset you?


You know Eli and Peyton will be laughing together when brady retires

M Realzola

Cowboys fan here.
Dude you ripped my heart out so many times.
Every year I looked at the new schedule to see when we played you guys. Those were the two games I wanted my team to win the most. Not gonna lie it’s not going to be the same going forward. You’re a legend man. Nothing but clutch.
Looking forward to your speech in Canton.

Hotshot 14380

Once a giant always a giant…

*ONLY* a Giant.

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