Earl Thomas Talks About Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Earl Thomas Talks About Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry | Baltimore Ravens

Veteran safety Earl Thomas III says the Ravens know the Titans are planning to run, and that it didn't seem like the Patriots wanted to tackle Derrick Henry.

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Mr Frxst


Jack Truitt

Go ravens

Mr Frxst

I love the ravens!!! I’m 99% sure we are going to the superbowl

    Jay Boogie

    Me too that other 1% is just me not being over confident

Bens Minecraft videos

Ravens Ravens if you agree with me hit that like button!

    Jay Boogie

    Just so you know I hit it 100 times ijs

king shark

Bring your hard hat and hamstring and lay them both on the line.

Felix Salonen

Letsgo sb 2020

money mitch

If we stop Derrick Henry we can make Ryan Tannehill drop back and throw and I don’t think he can on are defense


    @Nons ツ incorrect. He’s consistent. He breaks defenses down by that time. Some of his longer runs came in the 2nd half. We where number 1 when it came to 2nd half scoring.


    Darrius Best of luck to your titans team titans fan! If you win I would like to see the titans go all the way!

    money mitch

    @Dingo I’m a Ravens fan


    @Dingo thanks. I hope so too. First 6 games. I almost had multiple heart attacks and a few busted blood vessels. I’m happy we made it this far. First half of the season we weren’t supposed to even be in the playoffs. Just to be here I am happy. But it would be nice to face the Texans again and have an afc south division team go to the super bowl. Shout out to the ravens fans too. 2 teams that no one seen coming. They both came and left it out on the field. I just hope they show the ravens wired. Even when they lose to my titans. All jokes aside may the best team or ref helped team win.


    @Keyboard Warrior I didnt see this. Thanks man. This should be a great and entertaining game. If we can slow the offense down in the first half. We normally heat up in the 2nd half. We got to get hot first.

Austin Potts

Playing the Titans is going to be the hardest team we play in the playoffs. Stopping Henry is going to be the main thing we need to do to win against them

    zane brown

    Austin Potts emmmm no the team who Lamar has never beaten and lost to twice will be harder in the afc champ game

    Austin Potts

    Yeah I think the chiefs will be challenging but I think we will handle them

    The Spiritual SmartAss

    Nah Titans are the easiest. Blessed we got them

Timotheus Ben-David

and released a raven. The bird flew back and forth until the floodwaters on the earth had dried up.
Genesis 8:7 NLT 📖


Wrap up them legs.

Ben Valenzuela

We need to get this man a ring with the Ravens. And Henry, they said the same thing about Gurley, and guess what. He didn’t get through. BIG TRUSS!!


E.T protect Hoooooome

glenn curry

The key is just what Earl said. Stop the run and make them one demintional. Plus if we can score a few tds early. That will take them out of the run game anyway. And believe me Lamar is gonna be Superbowl pumped for these games. He wants a Superbowl more than anything. Go Ravens. Go Lamar…

    mango slug

    Problem is you can’t stop Derrick Henry

Nons ツ

Some clowns in my school talking about how the ravens are finally facing a good opponent, lmao where have you been all season


    @Anthony Anderson Seattle ain’t good HONESTLY I THINK MARK INGRAM IS MVP OF THE RAVENS NOT LAMAR JACKSON….If Ingram out Saturday Ravens will lose

    Chris Windham

    MINDMUSCLEMISSION your high no question about it you high af

    Ron Jones


    Anthony Anderson

    @MINDMUSCLEMISSION ok you’re trolling now I get it.

    Chase Monte

    @MINDMUSCLEMISSION ohh so if it was your team you would say wym we played good teams. Stop being ignorant. Ravens had the hardest stretch of games patriots texans rams 49ers all back to back. Ravens beat all of them. Ravens also beat Seahawks at home. You make no sense

Sang Nguyen

I hope earl Thomas goes off

Oncsimus Shakur


Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

Earl Thomas had a relatively quiet season. Best believe that we’ll hear his name a lot more in the playoffs.

Kevin Porter

Telling statement:

” our mindset is a little different”

Computer Guy

There’s gonna be some injuries after this game – GO RAVENS!


Even though I feel confident that we will win Saturday it just made me feel that much better listening to Earl’s comments on handling Henry. Thanks Earl!!! GO RAVENS!!!

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