Eagles Defense Helps Provide Miraculous Comeback Over Giants | Eagles Old School All-22 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emerson Council


Frank DiDaniele


Emmet Fanatic 2019


Jwalsh 111


Teofimo Stan Account

When the first week of the playoffs roll around and cowboys fans are on the couch watching us >>>

Jack Kelly

Love this

Jeana Allison


Filippo Iannella

Not gonna be needed today, we’re steam rolling into the playoffs!

S Parky

Mike, your ‘OHHHHHHH’s make the play that much sweeter.

Daz Dealz

Look at Meryl showing of those Bi’s 💪

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

Oh yeah , they gonna stop us from going to the play off and take division

Q the Pharaoh

The dude in the Giants Jersey smacking the chair in the beginning after the td return by D-Jax. Beautiful.

Alex Smith

They’re saying Jackson could come back healthy for the playoffs and we’re gearing up to face a Seahawks team that lost to the Cardinals. This could be a completely different team in 1 week.

Leo Junior

I was 13 years old when I first saw this. I was screaming like crazy when Desean got the game winning punt return TD. One of the best memories to reminisce of the Eagles.

Tom Servo

I really hope the Giants play spoiler today

South Jersey Italian Cucina

Man we need all the Eagles juju we can get. Let’s get into the playoffs. And wouldn’t it be a b*tch if we had a rematch and handed the Pats their butts in the Super Bowl once again.

Rake Yohn

Mike! Quick! say somethin!

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