Drew Brees Leads Saints to Victory | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Drew Brees Leads Saints to Victory | NFL 2019

Drew Brees throws for 279 yards and 3 touchdowns in an important win for playoff seeding. The New Orleans Saints take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL DrewBrees Saints

Fun Chiefs


Gabe Lupo

No views 1 like Iโ€™m TRIGERED

Brock Wise

I wonder if the NFL responds?


    very rarely but it wont be on a video like this. i have seen them love comments before

Escocivo 30

Drew Brees is still playing like he is not 40! This dude is the GOAT

    Light Yagami

    @Oliver McCall with that D it’s definetily not impossible. Brady just has to play to not turn the ball over and make sure the game is always within reach. Can’t let it get away like it did in baltimore.

    Mike Gee

    Oh yes they call him the Brees! He keeps rolling down the road!

    B Wheels

    D- Pleasy cheated how bruh

    Light Yagami

    @B Wheels i think he means the missed PI call in last year’s NFC championship game


1:06 my ears



    Saul Santos

    Bro the whole game the audio was getting distorted.. the commentators sounded like they were possessed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Andrew Metzger

I’m a titans fan and I was at this game. It was cool to see this future hall of Famer before he retires. He played an amazing game. Much respect for Brees

    Meka Lid

    Thank you Titan fan…if any team should have the 6th seed…it is you guys…you all have a good team not doubt…Saint fan

    Killa Underrated

    Andrew Metzger thanks bro. Good game yโ€™all had us scared on that one. I think yโ€™all should get the 6th seed. Yโ€™all got a good defense and yโ€™all offense is clicking even without Derrick Henry


    Yall people always play the Saints tuff lol,Much Respect from that 9th ward to ten a key


Brees> Matt Ryan,Cam Newton & Famous Jamis Winston COMBINED

    Dylan Mattox

    @Oliver McCall brees is way better than both of them

    Oliver McCall

    @Dylan Mattox Not this season he isn’t, and both of them have an MVP while he doesn’t

    Dylan Mattox

    @Oliver McCall MVP is a popularity award given to the most interesting player. But let’s look at stats. Brees is completing passes at a much higher pace then both of them, and his QBR for this season is 116. Mahomes is only at 106, and Jackson’s is at 113. Brees has always been a better QB

    Champ Solo

    @Dylan Mattox that’s an award the media hands out. When Manning won it the year Brees won the Super Bowl I knew it was bullshit. Brees had a passer rating 10 pts higher than him.

    Dylan Mattox

    @Champ Solo Yup, might as well make it the most popular player award.

Hector Rodriguez

Drew Brees is the Cal Ripken Jr. Of the NFL Period #GOAT ๐Ÿ

chin turner

The best of all is; DREW BREES ๐Ÿ!!!!!

Reece Mansion

Brees is the ๐Ÿ. An MT 13 is just unguardable!

    Oliver McCall

    @Dylan Mattox Are you baiting me?

    Dylan Mattox

    @Oliver McCall Looking at stats buddy

    Oliver McCall

    @Dylan Mattox Mahomes missed games and has elite stats

    Dylan Mattox

    @Oliver McCall Dude, brees missed 6 games and has better stats. Just give it up, brees is better.

luke wilson

He has 3 to 4 years left easy…..

    lance Kelley

    I agree mayby even 5

    Oliver McCall

    They said that about Brady and look at him now

    luke wilson

    Dude Brady isnโ€™t playing like 2007 Brady but heโ€™s still playing well.

luke wilson



    You think he’s better?

    luke wilson

    Dude he is clearly better and he has been a godsend. Brees tore his thumb ligament bc of peat. Look how comfortable he is with Easton.


    @luke wilson understandable. Peat did return to practice tho. So we’ll see how things shape out

Jay Stiles

What the chances that the saints would get the #1 seed?

    Jo Se

    Y’all really think it’s almost impossible for the Vikings to beat the packers in Minnesota and the Seahawks to beat the 9ers in Seattle?

    Light Yagami

    @Jo Se the Saints also have to win their game to so that figures into the odds aswell

    Timothy Washington

    @Light Yagami There’s a great chance

    Light Yagami

    @Timothy Washington yes odds are good they will win but the odds stack up on top of the other two scenarios that have to go their way to get the 1 seed

    Timothy Washington

    @Light Yagami From what I’ve seen from the 49’ers and Packers tells me we have a great chance… Don’t really care about the odds

Tim Michael

I really wish Brees got the credit he deserves.

    Drik Heard

    Peat isnโ€™t playing he has an broken arm

    luke wilson

    @Drik Heard nick easton needs to start over peat


Mike Thomas
much respect

connor miller

Brady maybe the goat, but Brees is the best. All time legend! ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ’›

Ceezy Davis


Cajun Kuto


Luke Connors

Saints vs ravens sb would be lit ๐Ÿ”ฅ

TF you lookin at

Brees is 40 and only has 1 legit WR his next best WR is a freakin Qb who does it all and i dont see him complaining like pats and packer fans who say rodgers and brady dont have enough weapons.

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