Draft Show: Setting The Stage | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Draft Show: Setting The Stage | Dallas Cowboys 2019

In the first episode of the season, the new cast of The Draft Show breaks down storylines and names to watch heading into the 2020 draft season.

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Barrington Little

Proud of Helman, I remember when he was like the “novice” in the room, now he’s leading the show. Love it.

    Barrington Little

    @Ray Clark LOLOLOL SMH

    James Molen

    @Barrington Little Helman is a jerkoff LOLOLOL SMFH

    Richard Rushing

    Helman is an absolute joke.

    Richard Rushing

    Brugler MADE this a quality/professional show with credibility. We are one step away from adding Danny Devito as the scout.

    Yannis Maccabees

    Richard Rushing 😂

cody clayton

Kick butt, we’re already preparing for the draft

Nicholas Thompson

Finally <3

davey savage

what happened to Bryan Brouddas??

    Matt Wells

    He hasn’t worked with the organization for about 2 months now

    Joshua White

    Hes with the ravens now

    Matt Wells

    @Joshua White this is not true at all


    @Joshua White You moron, he’s working on FM 105.3 The Fan right here in Dallas.

    Brian Daniel

    Where have you been!

James Ruff

Trade Connor Williams and a 2nd to the Jets for Jamal Adam’s


    LOL You must not have heard what the Jets were asking from the cowboys last year for Adams!

    Big Country

    Connor Williams is ready to Break Out. I would not be surprised if He makes the Probowl next Year.

    John Crabtree

    Conner mcgovern will beat out williams at left guard

    LeAnthony Dodson

    @John Crabtree YEEEEEAAAAH! Get Connor out of here, he’s weak, undersized and should be traded.


Not too sure how I feel about this crew…

    Brian Daniel

    It doesn’t matter


    Brian Daniel piss off you maggot


Great entertaining hour.


And KC placed Juan Thornhill on IR this week, Helman.

    Brian Daniel


John Crabtree

Glad to hear from kt miss dane n broddus


1 week into January and we’re having a draft show…


    Brian Daniel

    It is what it is

Vizar / Andaras

CeeDee isn’t making it to 17, no way. We need secondary. But, as stated we don’t even know what the staff is going to look like. See y’all next week.


Jeff the goat

Lewis Yoder

Why does the headline say 2019 when its 2020


Damn, already? 😆

    Brian Daniel

    Yes every team that’s not in the playoffs that should be your concern right now

Richard Yanez

Let’s get Xavier McKinney

Chris Graham

1 Cb Kristan Fulton/Cb Jeff Gladney/S Grant Delpit 2 S Antonio Winfield/Wr Lynn Bowden/Wr Tyler Johnson

Dontae M

Not go be the same without Brian and Dane 🚫

    Brian Daniel

    Well dont watch

Jeremy Anello

I agree Delpit with the 17th pick

mike hike

I like this crew!

    Brian Daniel

    Me 2

Jeremy Anello

Don’t forget we have Greggory still just needs to file for reinstatement

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