Draft Show: Senior Bowl Preview | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Draft Show: Senior Bowl Preview | Dallas Cowboys 2019

With the Senior Bowl beginning next week, the cast of The Draft Show took a look at some of the names to know and position groups to follow heading into next week's practices in Mobile, Ala.

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Innis Gaines draft steal of the year

Don Washington

They cannot play a 3-4 unless they plan to simply write off the Defense for about two years. It is a terrible idea to even flirt with.


    Unless they draft solely for the 3-4, an idea I don’t like, they wouldn’t be able to make the switch for 2020. They don’t have enough 3-4 players on the current rosters, even if you were to re-sign some of the free agents.

    Quinton Sanders

    In a year or so it’ll be happening 🤷🏾‍♂️ unless Mike nolen gets canned before then

    Ray Clark

    @Quinton Sanders doubtful

    Quinton Sanders

    @Ray Clark gotta see I know we ain’t got the Athletes to play the 3-4 linebackers can’t cover lol

I Rankin

Woodson and Walls don’t get in?
Jaylon and Byron are all pro?
Well Jaylon got 1 vote
I’m just sayin

Tony Mungro

Ride that LSU train you know Nick Saban & Alabama gonna be. rite back there next year

    Brandon Bounds

    He said they molly wopped but they only won by 5 points. Like you said, bama will be back

Tony Mungro

Damn….Get on with the Show

David Scalf Fishing

I watched him and hes very good


I like this crew but I sure miss Bryan and Dane on the show.


Definitely going to miss BB, but glad this show is back

    Trilliam Petty

    Yeah I miss BB isn’t not the same to me lol but I love the show tho all the same 🤷🏾‍♂️ the guys give great info

crip records

98 days away from the NFL draft. Wow it sure do creep up fast. That will feel like weeks away.

crip records

Mike McCarthy’s signature enclosed deal 5 years. A deal worth half a decade. Are there many changes in defense?

crip records

Did you think Awuzie was short? As far as I’m height tall? How important is corner and safety? Are those positions Dallas main concern?

Roger Kinder II

Duvernay if he makes it to the 4th!

crip records

Main scorers; what was that,? You know that type of guy . when his digit Jersey called he deliver.

crip records

Will I see you people again? I enjoyed watching the show here.

crip records

Last time I wore a Dallas coat. 90’s era. I haven’t wore you in decades. You was on starter 🌟 in the 90’s. We were kids then now we adults. A real Dallas fan at Crip Records.

Chris Graham

Tyler Johnson got snubbed,pet cow : Antonio Winfield,Lynn Bowden,Jeff Gladney

Vincent Sample

IMO when drafting high, you select in-the-trenches high dollar positions for the best value. Trench potiential seldom falls.

Dak 5 years 165-170 million
Cooper 5 years 85-90 million
Jones 5 years 70-75
Quinn 3 years 33-36 million
Bennett 1 year 5 + 2.5inct million
Cobb 2 years 12-14 million
Crawford 3 years 15 million { 4, 5, 6 }
Mike Daniels 1 year 4 + 1inct million
Ha Ha Dix 2 years 6 million
Lee 1 year 3 million
Anthony Brown 3 years 8.5 million
Blake Jarwin 3 years 8.5 million
Heath or Thompson 2 years 5.5 million
Malcom Smith 2 years 5 million
Hyder 1 year 1.75
(Witten 1 year 2.5 million)

AND YES YES YES they all fit nicely.

Way Too Early 2020 Draft:

1st Round Pick 17) DL Javon Kinlaw 6’6 306 South Carolina
17) Edge Curtis Weaver 6’3 265 Boisie St
17) S Grant Delpit 6’3 205 LSU
Fellow Gamecock Kinlaw in a rotation with Hill at the defacto 3 tech is strong 💪💪

2nd Round Pick 51) DE Alton Robinson 6’4 255 Syracuse
51) TE Jared Pinkney 6’5 260 Vanderbilt


I make that trade for Adams happen….especially if Gregory is back.

Trade: { (51) + Cory Flemming + 2021 (1st) & (5th) }

Jamal Adams
3rd Round Pick 81) NT Benito Jones 6’1 328 Mississippi

4th Round Pick 123) WR/PR Brandon Aiyuk 6’1 200 Arizona St
Future slot and special teams ace. I’d take him in the 3rd and go Futo in the 4th if we sign Mike Daniels
123) DT Leki Fotu 6’5 335 Utah
Noses rotation:
Woods/Jones or Daniels/Futo 💪 💪 💪

5th Round Pick 165) S Tanner Muse 6’2 230 Clemson
165) OT Zach Robertson 6’5 335 Ariz St

5th Round Pick 180) for Beasley
Trade Down: 200 & 218

6th Round Pick 200) FB Jay Jay Wilson 6’3 255 Auburn
I keep Olawale but draft a Hammer 🔨for this offense in front of Zek and Pollard.

6th Round Pick 218) TE Tyrone Weatly 6’6 265 Stoney Brook

7th Round Pick 245) Tony Towndsend 6’2 184 Florida

Way too Early Cowboy Depth Chart ( 1 / 12 / 20 )

24 on Offense:

2 Quarterbacks:
Dak, Rush

4 Runningbacks:
Zek, Pollard, Olawale(fb), Wilson(fb)
Weber (ps)

6 Wide Outs:
Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Aiyuk,
2 of:
Tayvon Austin
Noah Brown
Jon’vea Johnson
Kevin Smith
Ventell Bryant

3 Tightends:
Jarwin(55%), Witten(30%), Shultz(15%)
Weatley (ps)

9 O-Line:
Smith / Flemming($) or Hyatt (st)
Williams / McGovern (g/c)
Freddrick / McGovern (c/g)
Martin / McGovern / Redman
Collins / Knight (t/g)

Defensive Depth Chart: 26
3 – 4 hybrid ~/~ 5 – 2

(Edge) Quinn/Gregory or [Robinson]
(Will) LVE/Lee /Smith(N)
(3-Tec) [ Kinlaw ] / Hill
(1-Tec) Woods/(Daniels)/[Jones]
(5-Tec) (Bennett) / (Crawford)
(Jack) Smith /Gibson/Covington
(Edge) Lawrence/Hyder

5 Cornerbacks:
Awusie, [Jones], [Brown], Lewis, C.J Goodwin

4 Safties:
(FS) Woods, Wilson or (Thompson)
(SS) (Dix) or (Adams)🙏/(Heath)

    - Hunt -

    Kinlaw or Delpit over Weaver all day! Hopefully we do make a trade similar to that for Adams and draft Kinlaw. That would be the best scenario for us imo. Also I don’t see us carrying two fullback on next years roster unless I read that wrong lol.

Raymond Solis Jr.

We got the DB coach from TX A&M

    Daniele Pica


    Raymond Solis Jr.

    @Daniele Pica Maurice Linguist. Yes

- Hunt -

He said best college season ever? Ugh no my friend. 95’ Nebraska then 01’ Canes THEN 19’ LSU is how I put them! 👌🏻

- Hunt -

I want Delpit and he’ll probably be there at 17 but let’s be real we need a DT just as bad. Brown will be gone but Kinlaw may very well be there. I say Kinlaw over Delpit then hope for that Cal safety to get close to us in the second round and make a move for him. 👌🏻

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