Doug Pederson: Zach Ertz is “Progressing and Getting Better” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jeana Allison


Brian Mahoney

Maybe the should get rid of these press conferences and just let doug come out and say

“it’s day to day with all injured players”
“one day at a time”

“take what the defense gives you”
“the team is focused”

“guys are giving it %100”
“we will just have to wait and see”

“keep your head on a swivel”
“stop in the name of love”
“I’ve got friends in low places, where the whiskey drowns, and the beer chases my blues away….said I’ll be ok”

    Eric W.

    @Chris Sharp doug is pretty good at it too, for the most part always friendly and answer as much as he can

    wil brander

    If only you knew.

    Doctorly Bowl


George Sciblo jr

Cracked rib is not going to improve for months

    J Gee

    George Sciblo jr do you think he can play with some pain injections? Would they even risk that?

    Alex Rehoric

    didn’t Carson have one in 2016 before the season? He played all 16 games after that, so depends on the severity really


    lesean mccoy played with cracked ribs

Donald Brown

Just win pls

Jack Orio

Hope they win


What about Marken Michel ?


    I’ve been asking this for weeks now.

Joe M

Lane is “trending in the right direction” LOL

Goat Stature

Doug does not sound happy about having to play Sidney Jones or avonte Maddox I have a feeling this secondary is going to be the death of us

abdou abdou

Better win this game period

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