Doug Pederson: “We Just Gotta Focus on Us” | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson: “We Just Gotta Focus on Us” | Eagles One-On-One

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson discusses the Monday-night victory over the New York Giants, the performance of the young players, Carson Wentz's comeback victory, and more.

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Chee Nou Lo

Now we are underdogs again.

    Sylvester Wilson

    Nah… yesterday is yesterday.. not tomorrow.. just sit back and enjoy this movie.. Could be a miracle

Herb Bibby

Go and get AB or Odell or A probowl corner this offseason trade Nelson and maybe Jeffery and darby

    Herb Bibby

    Id even take mike evans

    Jekyll Hyde

    *Ahhh Mike Evans Is Out For Season… Jeffery Isn’t Going Anywhere… Nelson And Darby Contracts Are Up After This Season Can’t Trade Them… Eagles Aren’t Getting Odell Because The Cost Is Too Much… AB Has To Clear Legal Troubles Before Signing With A Team…*

    Promotional Use only

    Jekyll Hyde lol Alshon is gone next yr nd Iā€™m pretty sure AB will be cleared by 2020 Sept stop with the negativity

Dbz Lover

Team Hope ā¤

Jekyll Hyde

*This Was The Problem With The Dolphin Game… It Was A Trap Game And Eagles Didn’t Take The Dolphins Serious…The Redskin Game This Wk Is Another Trap Game Because Cowboy’s Game Is Next Week And Can’t Focus On Dallas Rn…We’ll See If The Eagles Over Look The Redskins On Sunday.*

Goat Stature

Why does this team deal with injuries at an epidemic proportion? Four seasons are ruined every year because of injuries SMH

    Tiji Thomas

    Goat Stature they’ve got to look at their strength and conditioning personnel…as well as their medical staff.


We need speed on this team šŸ™

William F. Buckley Jr

In 1986, Janet Jackson came on the scene with a song entitled, “What Have You Done for Me Lately?”

Dear Dougie,

See above.

Vignesh S

I just heard that nutcase Greg Jennings on undisputed say that the Eagles have no chance of beating the Cowboys or winning the nfc east. Yes… we underdogs again! Keep doubting us!

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