Doug Pederson Provides Updates on Zach Ertz, Ronald Darby, & More | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
neil u

watching WARD was AWESOME. one catch he made where he pre-calculated the correct direction to break upfield after securing his catch was sweeeeeet!!!!! his qb mind in a wr body is getting it done. Goedert n sanders were fantastic. jj too

Jekyll Hyde

*Darby Not Playing… Is A Good Thing For The Eagles…He Day Dreams Too Much When The Football Is In The Air Smfh*

    Ashton Swartz


Ben Plaster

Dad always has the best press conferences


Carson and the team playing out of their minds and willed themselves to win this game, that’s championship caliber performance to me, in a high pressure situation like that and a W is a W cant take that away. ^^

lovin the different looks and formations they are including in the game plans too. Not a huge fan of the wildcat tbh but at least it doesn’t put a bulls eye on our QB and spreads out the ball somewhat, so the defense isn’t just there licking their chops waiting to pounce on Carson at the snap lol. Great win btw! On to the next one after some well deserved r&r. F L Y EAGLES F L Y! ! Win the nfc east! lets gooooo

Daz Dealz

Thank You Eagles for giving us fans the Best Xmas EVER!!! THAT WAS PHILLY FOOTBALL!!! PLAYING HURT MAKING BIG PLAYS PLAYING FOR EACH OTHER. I Saw a Team of One Last night and speaking for all Philly fans It was AWESOME!!! FLYEAGLESFLY!!!!

Shifty McGee462

One more. Get it done in NY.


Living in Texas I know I’ll be the only one sporting a smile at the family gathering. 😎 GO EAGLES!!!! and thank you Eagles.


Mark my words. We are losing to NYG this week. I have a feeling

    Cyrus Jay

    middledegroffchild keep that negative energy to yourself

    Dee Money

    I thought so too but I don’t see it happening anymore because of the way the Eagles defense is playing. Daniel Jones is going to turn the ball over

kitdacraze deadbydaylight

Oh we fly aiight

North Dakota assassin’s #11


Go Eagles!! To our guys that are injured, get well soon.

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