Doug Pederson Previews Eagles’ Crucial Game vs. Dallas | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson Previews Eagles’ Crucial Game vs. Dallas | Eagles One-On-One

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson discusses Sunday's victory over Washington, quarterback Carson Wentz's performance over the past two weeks, looks ahead to the Dallas Cowboys, and more.

FlyEaglesFly Eagles DALvsPHI NFL

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I’m a believer! Who else is? Fly eagles fly! 🦅🦅🦅

    Amani roberto

    kingjreuter 💯🗣🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

    Damien Ramey

    I believe! Carson is getting hot and the young guys are playing their butts off!

    Brandon Espinoza

    kingjreuter be carful when saying that people might start calling you delusional that’s what cowboys fans have to deal with

John Lancaster

If defense keeps giving up big plays to Dallas they will lose.

    David Morrison

    I concur, I wish we would play Cover 2, or even Cover 4, we need safeties over the top to prevent from our corners from getting burned.

    Still Learnin 4332

    They will.

    drealmerz7 z

    if the offense can’t put together drives and score some points, they’ll lose

    Tiji Thomas

    Yep..I’d play with 2 backers and 5 DBs all game.


Expose Them 😈

    anton pickett

    Get exposed!!

David Morrison

I’d like to see some trick plays, G. Ward was a college Qb, I’d put McCown n to just to give the boys a different look!

    David Morrison

    @Winter Striker Nahhh not the whole game, just some trickery🤣!

    David Morrison

    @Roadrunner We gotta mix it up, & steal a possession or 2 groin dem Boyz!

    Tiji Thomas

    David Morrison I was thinking the same. Not sure if any of the backs are lefty…but I’d run a sweep to the left and throw it to Perkins faking a block…down the seam! 🦅💪🏾

    David Morrison

    @Tiji Thomas I like that, just sumthin that will throw off that Defense!

    Brennen Sarabia

    G Ward would be perfect for the philly special

Jessica Villafane

We got this. Fly Eagles Fly.

Donald Brown

Doug if you win this you’ll be a legend. I mean if you get us to playoffs. A free beer or shot anytime i see you.


    He’s already a legend though.

    Donald Brown

    Not a legend yet. Either another Super Bowl or play y’all consistently

Donald Brown

Lets 🙏 for this Win. 😣

katyas mom

There’s no atmosphere in the NFL like the Linc for a Dallas game.

    Darnell Jones

    katyas mom it’s gonna be LITTY!!!! Can’t wait!!!


I can’t believe this dude still backs up Schwartz. He has to go along with groh

Damien Ramey

Best Christmas present would be an Eagles win vs the Cowboys. 🙏

Slot Stoner

If we outscore the Cowboys we will win

Liam Jonas

Give credit to mike groh? I think I’d rather have a heart attack

Daz Dealz

Where do I buy my Greg Ward Jersey? Love this Dude and his story. Been a Eagle fan since the days of Cunningham and Wentz is by far my favorite QB. That throw he made to Sanders was the best throw I’ve ever seen hands down

Ryan M

What helped you is playing 2 trash teams.


What’s up with Howard, Aggy,, Barnett and Lane. This is the most important game of the season. All those fake injuries can wait till the off season.

Pete Vit

I hope you watched that Dallas game Doug

Joe M

Last 4 home games our defense has given up 17 points or less, need that effort again at home Sunday.


We need Lane back badly!

JP Gunny

All I want for Christmas is for us to beat Dallas!!

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