Doug Pederson “Nothing’s Too Big” for Eagles’ Young Players | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
neil u

Ward is our Edelman. So glad he is an Eagle

Shawn Johnson

We need to keep Miles and Howard. Resign howard


    And Boston Scott.

Emmet Fanatic 2019



Just hope Carson Wentz remembers to hold the football with two hands and get the football out of the pocket


Even with our injuries I love our chances alot more because of these young guy’s hunger. Players that really want to play make plays when needed and I’m glad Jeffrey and Alghlor are out because from how we’re playing They are cancers to this team.

Twon Jones

Stay level headed Doug, I know your happy with the win but act like we’re supposed to be there.Big big game next week man, can’t wait.

Eric Day

How is there no change in a guys injury status, I dont quite understand that, and how on earth is Jordan Howard out for the season basically with a stinger. I dont get it.

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