Doug Pederson Discusses the Eagles’ “Team Win” Over the Giants | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kevin Briseno Reply


J.L.U. Reply

Design more plays for Carson to roll out of the pocket, and run the ball more.

    Trey Anastasio Reply

    They have that see 2017 but they don’t use it

    That1KidYT Reply

    They want to be cautious

    Lwizzle Beatz Reply

    It’s like they see blind to what works and forcing what don’t!! I don’t get it

    C G Reply

    They had hella opportunities to run QB option to the outside.

    miro d Reply

    J.L.U. They need to design more plays for Zach, Dallas and Boston Scott that would be a nightmare

Bashiri Bowden Reply

You know it wasn’t pretty, but it counts.

Jekyll Hyde Reply

*Glad To Finally See Clutch Wentz & Clutch Doug Again… It’s Just Weird It Took A Bunch Of Backups To Make It Happen… But Let’s Be Honest The Injuries Will Be Too Much For This Team To Overcome… Still A Good Win Tho.*

    Bleeding Green Nation Reply

    It’s the giants.

    I’m Right You’re Wrong Reply

    Bleeding Green Nation and those Giants gave us a damn good run for our money

    Bleeding Green Nation Reply

    @I’m Right You’re Wrong sure did. And I believe the other divisional rivals will do the same.

    katyas mom Reply

    @Bleeding Green Nation and you know that NFC East games are always tight. STFU.

James Rogers Reply

Fun game to watch. Great comeback and great to see new faces have good contributions

Wilson Bowden Reply

Difference is this team looked fast on offense. Speed is needed to run this offense

Dbz Lover Reply

Doug really lead thia team to victory 😤
Had a slow start but proud he stuck with the running game

Strictly Hip Hop Reply

Darby didn’t play outstanding, Doug!

    Shayne Buchanan Reply

    Strictly Hip Hop he played about as good as the offense did in the first half. But then in the second half it was a different story for everybody.

Nasrange888 Reply


Gabe Alt Reply

Get Carson out of the pocket more please…. and keep running the damn ball

tooter1able Reply

Doug mentioned Groh…………..positively! Whoa!

northdakota momma Reply

Get Lane Johnson and Jordan Howard back. Leave Jeffrey and Agholor on the bench. Team was better without them.

    katyas mom Reply

    Jeffery has been hurt all season. He’s the last player who should be criticized.

    northdakota momma Reply

    @katyas momThe whole team has been playing through injury. Explain why Jeffrey dropped passes that were placed right in his hands? The team played better without him last night. He got hurt running without even being contacted. Plus he thought he was worth $8500.00 in booze when Carson treated them to a meal. He is a prick.

Raidion Reply

This game was the most clutch game of the season, I was so mad at the eagles at the first half but I was starting to see what they did in the other half and I was pretty inpressed

That1KidYT Reply

Like what Malcolm said “it doesn’t matter how we win, it matters if we win”

B F Reply

Who called them plays at the end? Keep that energy lol

katyas mom Reply

Some of you are too young to remember the 70s and 90s and it shows. This is still our team. Buckle up or jump off the bandwagon.

Bradley Slusser Reply

Unless you can pull some good WR’s out of thin air, it means nothing..

miro d Reply

Run the ball with that beast of dsproles 2.0 named Boston Scott

miro d Reply

Boston Scott and Carson wentz with Dallas and ertz cmon man do some schemes run the ball more

TheJoern Reply

Don’t let this W distract you from the fact that Groh and other coaches have to be fired.

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