Donatell on Justin Simmons not making the Pro Bowl: ‘He’s more concerned with the team’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
John Waide


Clyde Triplett

In my 60 years, Denver Broncos have been Flew over
Since Day one.
Hall of Fame same deal
Pitt has how many yellow
Jackets 🧥?
Chubb, Wolf, and a losing record get one Pro Bowl player.


    Darn Right Broncos get passed by!
    How In the world are men like Randy Gradishar and Steve Atwater NOT in The Hall of Fame??!!
    They just could Not pass over the likes of The Legend Mr John Elway Or one of the greatest tight ends ever in Shannon Sharp.
    However, there are a number of former Broncos that are more than worthy to be in The Hall of Fame. Former Broncos defensive players have really been snubbed.
    I was glad to see Champ make it. He deserved it.
    Mr Elway carried The Broncos for a long time and for people all over, he is who they think of when they hear “Broncos” and rightly so. But there are a number of players that have played for The Denver Broncos over the years that deserve their rightful place in Canton.


Coaches have done an Outstanding job using depth guys on defense. Let’s get healthy and sure up the offense and, look out 2020

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